Impel NeuroPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: IMPL) Launches Trudhesa Nasal Spray For Prescription In Acute Migraine

Impel NeuroPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: IMPL) has announced the availability of Trudhesa nasal spray for a prescription. The US FDA approved the 0.725mg per spray for acute migraine treatment without or with aura in adult patients early in the month.

Trudhesa available for prescription 

Trudhesa softly distributes dihydroergotamine mesylate (DHE), an established treatment, to the bloodstream via the vascular-rich upper nasal area using Impel’s revolutionary Precision Olfactory Delivery (POD®) technology.  Trudhesa works by bypassing the intestines and possible absorption concerns, providing immediate, long-lasting, and consistent symptom relief without using infusions or injections, even when used hours after a migraine attack has started.

Trudhesa is now available through Trudhesa Direct, which is a streamlined, tailored, end-to-end procedure that makes prescription, storing, and home delivery simple. Carepoint Pharmacy and Phil Inc., two digital pharmacy partners, make the process of getting Trudhesa easier, starting with e-prescribing and automated enrollment of eligible, commercially insured customers in the Trudhesa Direct Savings Program. Through digital communications, patients will be notified that their prescription is ready and will receive their prescription via easy, free home delivery once the pharmacy partners receive the e-prescription.

Impel happy to launch Trudhesa

CEO Adrian Adams said, “We are excited and proud to launch Trudhesa within weeks of FDA approval. Trudhesa utilizes our pioneering POD technology to optimize delivery of DHE to the upper nasal space, giving migraine patients what they want—rapid, sustained, and consistent relief with one dose, self-administered, anytime, anywhere. Trudhesa is being made available via Trudhesa Direct, a streamlined process that includes automatic enrollment in the patient savings program for eligible, commercially-insured patients.”

Carepoint Pharmacy CEO Bhavesh Patel added, “Our company, Carepoint Pharmacy, was built to provide patients with a simple and patient-first pharmacy experience that makes getting prescriptions easy, fast and reliable. When patients are dealing with the unpredictability of a condition like migraine, we offer assurance that their medication will arrive quickly, straight to their home, for convenience they can trust.”