Genius Brands International Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GNUS) Animated Series Rainbow Rangers Growing Multi-Platform Viewership

Genius Brands International Inc.’s (NASDAQ: GNUS) Rainbow Rangers, animated series, is dramatically growing viewership across various media globally, including Kartoon Channel in the United States and HBO Max, Amazon prime Video Direct, Netflix Nickelodeon Latin America, and Chinese CCTV. 

Rainbow Rangers expanding on various platforms 

Genius Brands EVP Business Development and Kartoon Channel President Jon Ollwerther said, “It takes time for a brand to establish itself, but we are clearly seeing that this is now occurring with Rainbow Rangers across multiple-platforms, including the recent release of season one on Netflix, where the series cracked the Top 10 of children’s programs for the first time, and is consistently a top performer in Netflix categories such as ‘Girls Take the Lead,’ ‘Everyone’s Watching,’ and ‘Exciting TV Shows.’ At the same time, we are witnessing adoption across a growing base of broadcasters, including the launch of Rainbow Rangers on Paramount Plus network on August 18th.”

The success of the broadcast coincides with the development of a new retail program for 2022 with Never Wrong Toys. The retail campaign is built on a diverse selection of preschool products, with an initial concentration on toys. In addition, the event will take place in conjunction with the global debut of season three of Rainbow Rangers, which will be broadcast solely on Kartoon Channel!

Genius Brand  following Strawberry Shortcake playbook

Genius Brands CEO and Chairman Andy Heyward said, “The recent success of Rainbow Rangers reminds me of the early trajectory of Strawberry Shortcake, which started with Hasbro Toys, but moved to Bandai Toys, and Playmates, where it eventually drove a highly successful, multi-billion dollar global licensing program.”

Heyward continued, “We are taking a page from the Strawberry Shortcake playbook, with Emmy Award-winning producer Mike Maliani of that property leading the production of Rainbow Rangers in season three, introducing a twist in the new season—the addition of a scent in the storyline!”.