Vaxart Inc (NASDAQ: VXRT) Vaccine Boosts Immune System

Vaxart Inc (NASDAQ: VXRT) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing an oral treatment based on its platform. The company recently announced that its vaccine Vaxart has successfully boosted the immune system or the response amongst the vaccinated people under the clinical trials more than a year ago.

Vaxart oral treatment boosts immune response

Vaxart is one of the leading players in developing oral treatment rather than injections. The table is being developed on the company’s proprietary platform known as VAAST. As per the clinical trial reports, it has been revealed that the company’s oral tablet has the vast potential to boost an immune response within the body at the time of flu or COVID-19. As per the medical representatives, the person requires to maintain their health and immune system during flu. With the clinical trial of the Vaxart vaccine, the oral tablet will be sufficient for the patient to boost its immune response at the time of requirements (illness). Using the company’s oral vaccine, candidates have shown a massive positive response in boosting immunity compared to its previous vaccine.

Oral tablet to differentiate from injectable vector-based vaccine

The Vaxart platform has delivered various oral tablets for the treatment. The clinical study of the last tablet that boosts the immune system is expected to affect other vaccines’ development directly. Since all the vaccines (oral tablet) is being developed on the same platform, the company is also working on a vaccine for the treatment of COVID-19 on the same platform. Moreover, the treatment is also different from the injectable-based vaccine. Vaxart’s vaccine efficacy may not be hampered by antibody response challenges with injectable vaccines, as per the norovirus trial.

The key metrics monitored during the trials were surrogate neutralizing antibody measurement increased in similar amounts in previously vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. In addition, the vaccine elevated several antibody responses sharply amongst the people who were undertaken for the trial and who were not. Further, the vaccine also helps in responding to antibody-secreting B cells (ASC). The company is expected to evaluate the capability of its norovirus and COVID-19 vaccine candidates, which will be used as boosters to provide extended protection.