iBio, Inc. (NYSE:IBIO) Takes a New Step to Enhance its New Drug Discovery Capabilities and Expansion of its Oncology Pipeline

The development of proprietary products for the treatment of cancers and fibrotic and infectious diseases is in top gear. iBio, Inc. (NYSE:IBIO) is one of the many biotechs which have joined the race. As an innovator, it has embraced a new strategy to expand on its pipeline of therapeutic candidates. As a result, the company quickly takes control of its proprietary, plant-based FastPharming Protein Expression System. 

The concept of drug development is expensive. This is because it takes so much time and money to move it from the initial concept to the clinic. However, IBIO intends to change this paradigm with the FastPharming System. Additionally, it will incorporate some of the best-in-class technology partners, having already entered into a research services agreement with FairJourney Biologics SA. 

The Discovery of Antibody and their Expansive use in Oncology

More people are turning to the use of antibodies today, and the shift is growing by the day. Thanks to several undisclosed collaborations. According to the CEO at FairJourney, António Parada, there is no other better time to work with an innovator such as iBio, given its ability to change the bioprocess paradigm with proprietary glycosylation technologies.

FairJourney significant expertise has occasioned more than 500 projects for over 100 customers across big pharma and leading biotech companies. Its incorporation of a diverse approach in the generation of both immune and naïve antibody libraries has given the company a 99%+ project success rate. Quality, reliability, and partnerships are some of the critical strategies Fairjourney applies in its biologics development journey. 

Expansion of the company’s in-house Drug Discovery Capabilities

The use of technology to enhance operations goes hand in hand with incorporating innovative and hard-working teams. To strengthen its leadership, iBio has appointed Evert (Eef) Schimmelpennink to its Board of Directors. 

The company’s CEO, Tom Isett, says he is convinced about the Eef’s strong history of success, including his most recent leadership role at Pfenex Inc., an NYSE-listed company. His 20 years of experience are spread across corporate development, manufacturing, corporate development, and R&D.