Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CTXR) Reports Strong Presence Of Clinical Trial Staff, Investigators, And Referring Physicians In A Webinar On Mino-Lok Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CTXR) received an overwhelming response for its third webinar on Mino-Lok Phase 3 clinical trial. 

VP (Clinical Operations) of Citius, Dr. Alan Lader led webinar received referring physicians from various trial sites, clinical trial staff, and investigators. 

Mino-Lok salvages CVCs

Citius lead product – antibiotic lock therapy – Mino-Lok would help to salvage the CVCs (central venous catheters) in patients with CRBSIs (catheter-related bloodstream infections) or CLABSIs (central line associated blood stream infections). 

CMO and EVP of Citius, Myron Czuczman, said the company is thrilled to receive growing and substantial interests from the clinical communities in its Mino-Lok to treat patients diagnosed with CLABSI/ CRBSI. He said there are no approved therapies available in the market to cure infected CVCs. 

CEO and President of Citius, Myron Holubiak said Mino-Lok would potentially cure patients with CRBSI/CLABSI. 

It is the only US FDA-approved treatment option for patients with CLABSI or CRBSI. Lader said the proprietary formulation – Mino-Lok, which breaks down the bacterial colonies and eradicates them, will potentially salvage IVC (indwelling vascular catheters). 

The physicians use CVCs, which are the vascular access ports in patients, to administer medication, nutritional solutions, blood products, and fluids. CVCs play an essential role in ICUs (Intensive Care Units) to treat several conditions. However, CVCs also pose a risk of device-related infections and the principal cause of mortality and morbidity. 

Products for unmet needs

Companies such as Amgen Inc, Merck & Co, Syndax Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer Inc know the importance of developing effective and innovative pharmaceutical critical care products to address unmet needs.

Long-term patients with CVCs for cancer cure or dialysis are at the risk of bloodstream infections, which prove to be fatal. Therefore, Pharmaceutical companies create lifesavers to avoid these complications and ensure successful outcomes for the patients. 

Citius creates new treatments for unmet medical needs at affordable costs. It currently advances proprietary drug candidates such as Mino-Wrap (CITI-101), halobetasol-lidocaine formulation (CITI-002), and Mino-Lok. 

Citius entered an exclusive license agreement with a privately-held biotechnology company – Novellus, Inc. Both the companies would target ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) associated with coronavirus. 

Fluid accumulation and widespread inflammation in the lungs characterizes ARDS that causes mortality and respiratory failure in coronavirus patients.