Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ATOS) Reports Positive Interim Results From Phase 2 Clinical Trial Of Endoxifen In Q4 2020: FDA Permits Expanded Access Of Endoxifen To Treat Ovarian Cancer Patients

Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ATOS) is excited to announce positive interim results of oral administration of Endoxifen in Phase 2 clinical study in Q4 2020. 

The drug is administered orally during surgery and breast cancer diagnosis. After concluding the trial early considering phase 2 clinical trial, Atossa expedites Endoxifen program in the US. 

No side effects and no recurrence of cancer are observed in the expanded access trial for 24 months of Endoxifen involving a single patient. Also, no safety concerns or tolerability concerns are noticed in the trial. 

Receives approval for oral Endoxifen to cure ovarian cancer 

FDA approved Atossa’s oral Endoxifen to cure ovarian cancer. 

Atossa commenced treating a patient who has ovarian cancer using Endoxifen under Barbara Goff’s leadership at the University of WMC (Washington Medical Center). 

CEO of Atossa, Steven Quay, said the patient with recurrent ovarian cancer could not tolerate tamoxifen. Sometimes, physicians diagnose this as breast cancer instead of ovarian cancer. The company recently conducted functional molecular genomic testing with tumor organoid cultures developed in the laboratory to identify potential therapies. 

Atossa achieved an exceptional tumor response by administering a combination of alpelisib and Endoxifen. The team will closely observe the progress and recommend additional clinical trials on the patients who have ovarian cancer, depending on the need.

Extended access allows the patient, who suffers from a serious condition or disease, to gain immediate access to the investigational medical product to treat outside of the clinical study. 

Publishes final results of AT-301

Atossa is pleased to report the final results of phase 1 clinical study of nasal spray AT-301. Healthy female and male patients, who participated in the clinical trial involving the drug AT-301, have well tolerated the drug, and it is safe. The company is developing AT-301 for COVID-19 affected patients for treatment at home. 

Steven said the company continued the innovation in 2020 despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus. 

Atossa’s operating expenses in 2020 have declined by 15% YoY to $14.607 million. The R&D and G&A expenses are $6.608 million and $7.999 million in 2020. Atossa did not report any revenues in 2020.