Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:EVFM) Inks A Pact With NCODA To Help Women With Cancer To Select The Right Birth Control Option During Treatment

Evofem Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ:EVFM) signed a collaboration agreement with the National Community Oncology Dispensing Association, Inc (NCODA) to improve the lives of women suffering or recovering from cancer. The collaboration helps the women to select the best contraceptive option during the treatment.

Phexxi, a non-hormonal birth control method

Both NCODA and Evofem will jointly work to share the resources as well as educational information for the oncology pharmacy team to help females with cancer choose the best contraceptive option for their needs.

800,000 new cancer cases in the US

The US is reporting 800,000 cancer cases every year among females. Several cancer treatments available today require reproductive-aged women with cancer to use some form of birth control during the treatment. Previously women are compelled to use either a condom or choose a prescription medical device like copper IUD, which is implanted in their uterus.

The implanted copper IUD causes inflammation by releasing copper ions in the uterus. Women, who undergo treatment for hormone-sensitive cancer, should not select hormonal birth control methods to prevent tumor cell growth. The medical team should examine each woman and prescribe the right non-hormonal birth control method like on-demand pH modulator gel for use in the vagina or hormone-free contraceptives.

CEO of Evofem Biosciences, Saundra Pelletier, who survives with stage III breast cancer, said working together with NCODA is necessary for her and its team at Evofem. She knows the psychological, mental, sexual, and physical suffering during the treatment of cancer. The company looks forward to closely work with ONCODA for extending the support to females with cancer by empowering healthcare providers, pharmacists, nurses, and physicians with necessary educational information and resources.

The US FDA-approved, hormone-free, and non-invasive contraceptive – Phexxi is available for women with cancer as a safe option during the treatment. Phexxi reduces the mobility of sperms and lowers the chances of sperms reaching an egg.

ED and founder of NCODA, Michael J. Reff said the collaboration and continuity of care will improve the quality of life of women suffering from cancer and positively impacts their lives. It is paramount and the innovation offered by Evofem will benefit women with cancer during and after treatment. NCODA will engage in the development of PQIs in relation to Phexxi. It will help to standardize and operationalize practices to provide positive outcomes for the patients.