Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) Highlights Path to Uplisting and Strengthened Financing Terms in Recent Investor Call

Progressive Care Inc. (OTCMKTS:RXMD) is an innovative leader in the healthcare technology space, with strategic initiatives pushing into Telehealth, Healthcare Data Management, Pharmacy Operations, Rapid Covid Testing, and Vaccine Administration.

The stock has dipped recently in the wake of the announcement by that the megacap technology giant would be moving into pharmacy operations. But management at RXMD notes that this is likely due to confusion about how the pharmacy marketplace works.

In addition, the company is prepping for a potential uplisting onto a major national exchange, and recently held an informative conference call covering key topics related to its recent activity and its roadmap ahead.


Matters for Consideration

Progressive Care Inc. (OTCMKTS:RXMD) led off its December 7 conference call with an upbeat tone. Despite recent selling in shares, the company has a well-earned position at the intersection of a number of very strong trends. A recording of the call can be accessed here.

The company began by noting that a special shareholders’ meeting will be held on December 14 (registration by December 11) to cover shareholder approval for an amendment allowing for the company to effect a reverse stock split tied to an uplist of shares onto a major national exchange, an amendment to opt out of a provision that represents an administrative element according to Delaware corporate law to make sure the company continues to be abiding by all provisions of Delaware corporate law, and an amendment to increase share allowances for incentivizing future and current employees through equity benefits.

The in-depth discussion on the call began with an explanation of the value of approving an amendment allowing for a reverse stock split, which will be enacted only after the company meets all of the listing requirements for uplisting onto a major national stock exchange (ie, NYSE, Nasdaq).

The call also covered the proposed amendment to allow for greater stock-based compensation for new top team members in greater detail. The company noted that the 75 million (pre-split) shares to be prospectively authorized for this measure would not go to any current executives or managerial members with the company now. It would solely be earmarked to attract top talent to the company going forward.

Ultimately, according to the company, the goal here is to uplist the stock onto a major national stock exchange (ie, NYSE, Nasdaq). The company intends to accomplish this.

Management also noted that the entrance of into the pharmacy market is actually a net positive for the company because they will need to achieve difficult logistical challenges which could either provide demand or reduce competitive pressure, favoring a positive outcome for Progressive Care.

However, the company notes that misperceptions about this market positioning dynamic have been responsible for recent selling pressure that has occurred in RXMD shares.

The company also addressed the issue of toxic financing through convertible debt funding rounds. Management notes that an uplist onto a major national exchange will give the company access to new and less toxic financing options to fund expansion of the core business and allow the company to pursue additional valuable strategic goals.


The Big Picture Picture

The big picture path ahead for Progressive Care Inc. (OTCMKTS:RXMD) is defined by its ability to execute over coming months as a leading growth play in the core elements of its value proposition: Telehealth, Healthcare Data Management, Pharmacy Operations, Rapid Covid Testing, and Vaccine Administration.

Managing to navigate a successful uplisting onto the NYSE or Nasdaq would be a game-changing factor. The company is on pace for new all-time revenue records in 2020 despite a challenging context, with data now on a likely path for between $40-50 million in total sales.

To get a more complete sense of the company, its value proposition, and its model, check out this slide presentation.



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