Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:SRNE) Secures License For Novel Antibody-Drug-Nanoparticle Albumin-Bound Immune Complex Tech

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:SRNE) has signed an exclusive license agreement with Mayo Clinic for a breakthrough tech platform. The technology can generate enhanced diversity of stable antibody-drug-nanoparticle albumin-bound immune complexes that can target several human diseases that include various liquid and solid tumors.

Next-generation ADNIC tech being studied at mayo clinic

The tech is considered the next-gen antibody-drug conjugate tech, potentially addressing several limitations experienced in the current ADC tech. This includes the complex manufacturing processes like antibody-chemotherapy linkers that can affect the half-life of a drug, its stability, and accessibility of the tumor hence pushing the cost of good up. Currently, the ADNIC is being used at Mayo Clinic to generate data through clinical studies with several investigational products to arrange cancers that include endometrial, ovarian, and multiple lymphoma subtypes. The trails are expected to continue, and more expansion is likely.

Most importantly, the ADNIC tech under development at Mayo Clinic will optimize the possibility of preferential delivery of the chemotherapeutic payload to particular and targeted cancer cells. The tech will also be more effective and efficient relative to conventional ADCs since it will permit the absorption of the whole ADNIC complex into targeted cancer cells instead of only the chemotherapeutic payload.

No need of a covalent linker in ADCs with the use of ADNIC tech

Another benefit of the tech is that it employs non-covalent binding to the albumin site, which will facilitate the delivery of chemotherapeutic payload and the monoclonal antibody to the tumor and its surrounding. The most important aspect of the ADNIC tech is that it eliminates the need for using covalent linker tech through reverse incorporation of immunologically or therapeutically active antibodies

Preliminary results on the clinical benefits as per the trials underway at Mayo Clinic show that there is a clinical benefit to patients receiving the prototype product candidates using the ADNIC tech developed by Dr. Svetomir Markovic and Wendy Navalo at Mayo clinic. This includes objective responses in highly pretreated patients having advanced cancer types.