Aptorum Group Ltd (NASDAQ:APM) Pleased To Unveil Video Indicating Positive Results On SACT-1

Aptorum Group Ltd (NASDAQ:APM) has spoken about the unveiling of a video update in line with the effectiveness of its lead compound SACT-1. This is a video by Darren Lui, who happens to be the company’s President and Executive Director.

The data obtained from the Vivo studies has turned out positive, showing effectiveness in dealing with the neuroblastoma tumor. This tumor is being rteduce4d significantly upon using the standard of care (SOC) chemotherapy and the company’s lead compound SACT-1. Anyone wanting to check out the video could click this link: https://youtu.be/YYWqYI6Y2rA

The unmet medical needs and the company’s dedication

Aptorum Group Limited says that bit will remain dedicated to coming up with and also commercializing some elaborate therapeutics with the capacity to handle diverse unmet medical needs. The company has achieved quite a lot so far, part of being the pursuit of novel therapeutic projects in infectious diseases, orphan diseases, women’s health, metabolic diseases, and other disease areas. With the increased surge in complex illnesses, the company positions itself accordingly to help persons in need and strengthen its position in a rather competitive business environment.

The H.C. Wainwright 22nd Annual Global Life Sciences Conference and the LD 500 investor conference are both set to happen in September. The company has already disclosed a list of those officials that will make presentations. They will include Mr. Darren Lui, the President and Executive Director of Aptorum Group, and the CEO and Executive Director of Claves Life Sciences Limited, called Dr. Herman Weiss.

Recent changes in the company’s management

Many positive changes have happened over the recent times, part of that being bringing onboard Dr. Weiss and Dr. Majzner to be a part of the broader Aptorum Group family. Dr. Weiss moved in from Juniper Pharmaceuticals Inc, and he is expected to work closely with Dr. Robbie Majzner to help the company move forward. Dr. Robbie Majzner will serve Aptorum Group Limited as the scientific advisor, a position that will see him assist in the enhancement of repurposed drug candidate SACT-1. The neuroblastoma happens to be a rare solid tumor cancer found as being pretty common among young children and infants.