OncoCyte Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:OCX) and the Guardian Research Network® Collaborate to Establish an Integrated Platform for Precision Medicine Clinical Trials

Cancer is a leading cause of death in the United States. Victims and their families, employers, and insurance companies spend over 150 billion dollars every year on cancer-related health care. Sadly there is still the loss of lives despite the presence of more advanced screening methods and treatments. However, OncoCyte Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:OCX) will not just fold its hands especially on lung cancer, whose survival rates continue to fall.

The company has entered into a deliberate collaboration with the Guardian Research Network® (GRN) to create comprehensive and access to cutting-edge solutions to patients. GRN is a nationwide hospital consortium, which uses real-world evidence clinical research to build innovative trials.

Bringing Together GRN’s Clinical Trial Enrollment

GRN’s focus is primarily on the execution of clinical oncology trials. Through a network of more than 150 hospitals and clinics a consortium has been built and a powerful network of esteemed relationships.

Both GRN and Oncocyte will bring together their capabilities. The former has clinical trial enrollment and data science technology while the latter has proprietary molecular tests such as DetermaRx™ and DetermaIO™.

Thus the collaboration according to the CEO of GRN, Dr. Mark L. Watson will bring forth long term benefits to both parties.

Among many other roles, it is aimed at reducing the time for populating immune targeting trials. This will go hand in hand with to increase the chances of successful trials. Oncocyte will have an additional benefit of being able to apply its technology across a broad range of research settings, which means expansion of its relationships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

The Development of New Offering and Turnkey Service to Emerging Biopharma Clients

There are more than 50 emerging second-generation immune therapeutics at different levels of clinical trials. Supporting the collaboration, Ron Andrews, Oncocyte’s CEO, and the president said, “This collaboration with GRN enables us to help streamline clinical trial enrollment for pharmaceutical company sponsors…provide comprehensive services needed by emerging biopharma companies that are developing new immune-oncology and targeted therapies…’’

It is worth mentioning that both DetermaRx and DetermaIO™ have gained increased usage in more clinical trials for immune therapy patient selection. Meanwhile, Andrews emphasizes that despite the challenging macro environment, they have continued to experience solid growth in their business initiatives.