Cure SMA and Cytokinetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYTK) Expands It Partnership to Intensify Education, Awareness, Public Policy and Fundraising for SMA

Cytokinetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYTK) has built a 20-year history of successful business operations through advanced research and innovation. The company has grown into being a late-stage biopharma commercializing first-in-class muscle activators. It has also become a leader in muscle biology as well as in the mechanics of muscle performance. According to management, collaborations, and partnerships with other industry players have played a significant role in accelerating its growth.

Cytokinetics has a collaboration with the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Today, the company says it has expanded this partnership to support several of Cure SMA’s upcoming initiatives across. This means it will continue holding onto its Cure SMA Industry Collaboration membership.

Addressing Critical Issues Related To Advancing Drug Development in SMA

The partnership between Cytokinetics and Cure SMA’s primary purpose is to address areas related to drug development and advancement. Cytokinetics says its commitment is in serving people living with SMA. The genetic disease has been taking away people’s ability to walk, eat, or breathe.

In line with this, the partnership will also be pursuing the advancement of education, awareness, and public policy regarding SMA.

Through the sponsorship of two events, Cytokinetics will help fundraise in the local communities and will also participate in a Virtual Walk-n-Roll program. This is in addition to regulatory affairs and clinical trials both locally and internationally.

“…Through our participation in initiatives like the SMA Industry Collaboration we aim to work hand in hand with industry partners to address key priorities and unmet needs facing the community…’’ the CEO of Cytokinetics, Robert I. Blum explained.

Cytokinetics’ Four-year Partnership with the HCM Registry (HCMR)

Despite the presence of the coronavirus pandemic, Cytokinetics is happy to continue upholding local and national initiatives. The company has received a $1 million grant from the HCM Registry (HCMR), which has translated into a four-year partnership. The responsibility of the global registry is to identify novel prognostic markers in HCM. This includes genetic markers, fibrosis, and biomarkers.

According to Fady I. Malik, Cytokinetics’ Executive VP, the daily impacts HCM has on those diagnosed with it and how to resolve it is the motivation behind the long-term initiative.