ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) Readies Integration of Telehealth and Home Health Solutions

    ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is an interesting case study. The stock is trading down at a few pennies per share. But the company is pushing ahead with strong financial growth and serious initiatives in some of the highest growth markets on the planet. That could end up playing out as an important opportunity for speculators if this seeming paradox resolves in the stock’s favor over time.

    As an example, ISWH just recently got into business with Bit5ive LLC, an emerging leader in the cryptocurrency space. In the same breath, the company launched a new telehealth solution designed for integration into its home healthcare business.

    Between the two, there is every reason to believe the company is pushing in the right direction for its long-term shareholders.

    Here, we take a closer look at the effort the company is making on the healthcare front.


    The Home Healthcare Revolution is Here

    One of the main drivers in play here is what we might call “The Home Healthcare Revolution”. It is truly a revolution, and it is upon us faster than the experts expected, pushed into urgency by the pandemic outbreak now gripping world economies.

    The basic gist of the idea is that healthcare is not affordable for society. We try universal healthcare systems and find that quality is definitely linked to the process. Some folks try to claim this isn’t the case, but the reality should be clear: if you put more people on the same plan, the amount that can be spent on each person decreases.

    Of course, it is very possible that we can pick up bucks along the way by getting rid of inefficiencies. But, for the most part, universal healthcare, or some derivative thereof, works really well in small, affluent countries like Scandinavian countries or Switzerland or UAE or Denmark, but far less so in huge, complex, and highly socioeconomically variable places like the US or India or Brazil.

    However, something needs to change in these places, especially as more and more people age into larger healthcare needs.

    One solution expected to play a part is home healthcare. In the past, we have gone to hospitals and stayed there for quick access to doctors and specialized expertise and equipment. But, as telehealth and portability become more technologically possible in more places, much of that same care can happen at home. This simple shift of expanding the physical realm in play massively reduces the costs of care and makes it far more possible for something approaching high-quality universally accessible healthcare to become a reality.


    ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) and Paradigm Home Healthcare

    Paradigm is ISWH’s home healthcare business. The segment has shown 5 consecutive quarters of strong growth on a sequential basis, which creates stunning numbers of a y/y comps basis.

    We are likely coming into a new financial performance revelation from the company and its recent guidance suggests more of the same in Q2 – big growth powered mostly by PHH.

    PHH operates basically in Texas, but the company has plans to expand it to several other states given its strong operating performance characteristics over the past year and a half.

    This performance should be sharply augmented in coming quarters because the coming integration of its telehealth solution, TeleCare, a revolutionary technology solution designed to provide home health patients with a simple, one-button wearable device to quickly and easily summon a visiting nurse, home health provider, or 24/7 nurse assist hotline anytime medical assistance is urgently needed.

    According to a company release, “It works just like the nurse call button at the hospital. Our research suggests this will create tremendous additional value and enhance our clients’ lives by helping them to maintain the greatest possible level of independent existence while still having access to the supportive care they need.”

    ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is banking on this integration and target in a big way. But the company is also very diversified, as noted above. It has strong interests in logistics, wellness, spirits, and a major new partnership headed for big things this fall in crypto.


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