Data from the REDUCE-IT® REVASC Analysis Presented by Amarin Corporation plc. (NASDAQ:AMRN) Showed Early Coronary Revascularization Benefits

Amarin Corporation plc. (NASDAQ:AMRN) is growing swiftly, and it is so determined to bring cost-effective improvement to cardiovascular health. The company has massive experience in developing therapeutics and has reported significant performance from the REDUCE-IT® REVASC analysis. The study was designed to evaluate the effect of VASCEPA in adult patients.

The data presented at The American Society for Preventive Cardiology 2020 Virtual Summit outlined a 34% reduction in first coronary revascularizations from the administration of 4 g/day of VASCEPA® versus placebo. Another 36% reduction followed this in total.

The study of REDUCE-IT was first conducted and completed in 2018 in 11 countries, at over 400 clinical sites with 8,179 patients. On the other hand, VASCEPA (icosapent ethyl) was first launched in 2013, in the United States. It was the first and only approved prescription treatment by the US FDA.

Growing The Body of Evidence Supporting the Role Of icosapent ethyl

Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt, the Director of Interventional Cardiovascular Programs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is very optimistic about VASCEPA® (icosapent ethyl). He said, ‘’… The additional data presented showing very early timing of benefit and consistent statistically significant substantial benefit as early as 11 months…’’

The optimism will guide them into building upon the findings, which will eventually become the body of confirmation supporting icosapent ethyl’s role in reducing cardiovascular risk. This was endorsed by the Chief Scientific Officer of Amarin, Steven Ketchum, who continues to support the use of VASCEPA, citing that it has the potential of transforming cardiovascular care. Besides, the data reflect consistency with the FDA-approved findings.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Commercial Launch

Statistics have it that over 80 million people in Europe are living with cardiovascular disease. This is even though the market for offering effective treatment beyond conventional therapies has remained untapped.

However, Amarin has been working on a possible commercial launch of VASCEPA, particularly in Europe. To deliver its vision, the company has hired Karim Mikhail as senior vice president, commercial head Europe. The appointee is a well-known personality for his role in the successful commercial launch of dozens of products while in Merck. Hence, he an accomplished professional expected to take Amarin to the next level of success.