Jaguar Health Inc. (NASDAQ:JAGX) Subsidiary Napo Pharmaceuticals Announces the Filing of New Drug Application

Covid-19 has touched everyone across the globe because if you are not infected, you are affected. People and businesses are becoming helpless and distressed about the pandemic. However, the pharmaceutical industry is still operating, but while some companies are frantically trying to develop potential vaccines for the coronavirus, Jaguar Health Inc. (NASDAQ:JAGX) is pursuing another line.

The company’s focus is on noninfectious diarrhea in adults with HIV/AIDS. Through its subsidiary Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Jaguar is keen on developing plant-based, gastrointestinal products. The subsidiary has accomplished the filing of the investigational new drug application (IND); for crofelemer (Mytesi). This is particularly for symptomatic relief in adult patients with solid tumors and diarrhea.

The Timing of Napo’s Antidiarrheal Medicine Is Appropriate 

Diarrhea is very common in low-income countries and kills millions of people every year. It is associated with digestive problems such as vomiting and sometimes flu. Sadly diarrhea has been linked to COVID-19. Additionally, some patients undertaking cancer therapy have bouts of diarrhea, and according to Jaguar’s president and CEO, Lisa Conte, they may require a reduction of doses in their therapies.

Thus, the development of crofelemer (Mytesi) is well-timed. It will not be a solution for increasing numbers of diarrhea patients globally, but it will also manage cancer treatment-related diarrhea. However, it is worth noting that the treatment is not appropriate for infectious diarrhea, and it is strongly recommended that the patient rules out the presence of transferrable etiologies.

Napo Pharmaceuticals Has Enlarged Its Patient Support Program; Napocares

Conte says it should be easy for patients to access Mytesi; hence the company has expanded Napocares, a patient support program. This will benefit commercially insured and uninsured patients. The CEO is also convinced that the program will also support hundreds of Mytesi patients who have lost jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The good news is that patients do not have to make unnecessary trips to the pharmacy to collect the treatments. With the challenging times of the pandemic crisis, patients can always use the pharmacy’s home delivery service. Meanwhile, telemedicine or telehealth services keeps them connected to their provider.