IPO’s and Market on Thanks Giving Day

This will be a short a sweet one today as this is historically a very low volume day in the market.

Futures are slightly up this morning and its expected that markets will creep up higher today because, honestly, why not. That seems to be the direction this week with little standing it in its way.  However, I encourage you all to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and really soak up the moment. The market will be open for a half-day Friday but little often happens. But today, we’ll still keep our eyes peeled

IPO’s for today: 

No IPO activity on the calendar today. I still have my green light on for ETNB if it pulls back to 21 MA line on the hourly which is around $32. I am also keeping my eye on PLMR which has been on a steady march up. So any pullback below the 21 MA line on the hourly would be a green light buy for me. Also. TPTX is a green light for me as it turned up at the beginning of November and it now sitting below all-time highs. If it can break through that or have a pullback to the 21 MA on the hourly I’ll look to get in.

IPOs on my watch list for Options this morning: