FibroBiologics, Inc (NASDAQ: FBLG) to Showcase Groundbreaking Fibroblast Therapies at ECM Pharmacology Congress, Marking a Surge in Stock Value

FibroBiologics, Inc. (Nasdaq: FBLG), experienced a notable surge in stock value, reflecting the market’s growing confidence in its innovative approaches to chronic disease treatments. The stock closed at $10.31, marking a significant increase of 53.88% from the previous close. This rise was followed by a slight uptick in after-hours trading, where the stock edged up to $10.39 (+0.78%).

Today’s trading volume soared to 2,858,004, substantially higher than the average volume of 123,831, indicating heightened investor interest. The day’s trading range was between $7.05 and $11.74, showcasing a volatile session that peaked near the upper end of the stock’s 52-week range of $6.42 to $46.00.

Amidst this financial buzz, FibroBiologics prepares to further showcase its capabilities at the ECM Pharmacology Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 17-19, 2024. Dr. Hamid Khoja, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer, will present significant advancements in the company’s wound care and psoriasis programs. This presentation is highly anticipated, as Dr. Khoja will discuss the innovative use of fibroblast spheroids in treating chronic wounds and psoriasis, which could potentially transform the treatment landscape for these conditions.

Presentation Details:

  • Title: “Potential Use of Fibroblast Spheroids for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds and Psoriasis”
  • Presenter: Dr. Hamid Khoja, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at FibroBiologics
  • Symposium: Unraveling ECM Dynamics: Techniques
  • Date and Time: June 17, 2024, at 3:50 p.m. Central European Time

Back in April, FibroBiologics, Inc., (Nasdaq: FBLG) and Charles River Laboratories, a highly respected, global provider of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing solutions announced the signing of a letter of intent allowing for the transfer, testing and validation of FibroBiologics’ technology. This agreement comes ahead of entering into an anticipated master services agreement for the development and manufacture of FibroBiologics’ master cell bank, working cell bank, and fibroblast-based spheroids to be utilized in clinical trials.

The positive market performance today and the upcoming presentation underscore FibroBiologics’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge science to develop effective therapies, aligning with its mission to address unmet medical needs in chronic disease treatment.