Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc (NYSE: DNA) Acquires Strategic Epidemiological Information Infrastructure Assets

Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Inc (NYSE: DNA) has purchased particular epidemiological data infrastructure resources from Delaware-based Baktus In.

Ginkgo to incorporate a solution that can predict epidemics 

Under the agreement terms, Ginkgo will become the holder of exclusive datasets, analytical and modeling tools, as well as a system software with the ability to track, analyze, and predict epidemics and the risks that go along with them. Additionally, Ginkgo anticipates incorporating several active epidemiological analytic initiatives and a group of epidemiological information specialists into Concentric through Ginkgo, their public health and biosecurity program.

Baktus has created a sizable repository of infectious illness outbreaks through its affiliate, Metabiota, Inc. In addition, the company developed a dedicated information system to assist governments and other stakeholders in understanding and modeling the dangers and disruptive effects of infections to increase resilience to epidemics and outbreaks, besides epidemiological tracking and prediction. Following transferring the resources and epidemiology data employees included in this agreement, Metabiota and Baktus are anticipated to continue their autonomous operations.

Ginkgo’s General Manager for Biosecurity Matt McKnight said, “We believe robust public health data is the bedrock of biosecurity—it’s what enables public health leaders to direct resources where they’re needed the most and researchers to develop targeted vaccines, diagnostics, and Therapeutics. Integrating state-of-the-art epidemiological modeling and predictive capabilities with our end-to-end biosecurity offerings will help us continue making the data we gather on pathogen spread and evolution that much more meaningful and actionable for public health leaders and communities.”

The transaction to help the development of a biosecurity network 

To provide complete COVID-19 surveillance services and programs throughout hundreds of sites in the US, such as airports, schools, and other crowded settings, Concentric has constructed a large-scale biosecurity system supported by a national laboratory and operating network. This transaction will constitute a significant step in the development of the sustainable international biosecurity network that Concentric is expanding upon to assist in the detection, mitigation, and response to a wide range of biological dangers.