Exelixis Inc (NASDAQ: EXEL) Enters License Agreement With Ryvu Therapeutics S.A. For the Development of STING Technology

Exelixis Inc (NASDAQ: EXEL) has entered an exclusive license agreement with Ryvu Therapeutics S.A. focusing on the development of novel targeted therapies that employ Ryvu’s STimulator of Interferon  Genes (STING) technology.

Exelixis to integrate Ryvu’s TING agonist compounds in ADCs

By incorporating Ryvu’s unique molecule called STING agonists and expert knowledge in STING biology with Exelixis’ system of knowledge and resources in antibody designing, antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) innovations, and proven track record of continuing to develop and marketing oncology therapies, the agreement broadens the company’s portfolio of biotherapeutics.

Exelixis will aim to integrate Ryvu’s STING agonist small compounds into targeted therapeutics like ADCs, and as part of the deal, Exelixis would pay Ryvu an upfront fee of $3 million in exchange for those rights. Exelixis will oversee all research projects and, following the choice of each development product, will be in charge of all commercial efforts. During the initial research step of the collaboration, Ryvu will offer professional advice and know-how.

In addition, Ryvu will be qualified to receive advancement, regulatory, and monetization milestone payouts and also tiered royalties on any merchandise that is effectively monetized under the collaboration. Additionally, Ryvu will keep all commercial and development rights to create an independent STING agonist product line.

Access to novel tech and targets expands Exelixis’s biotherapeutics pipeline 

Chief Strategy and Chief Scientific Officer and EVP Peter Lamb said, “Gaining access to novel targets and technologies is an essential component of our strategy to expand our biotherapeutics pipeline, and this relationship allows Exelixis to capitalize on Ryvu’s STING-related assets and expertise. Ryvu’s portfolio of STING agonists comprises compounds with diverse drug-like attributes that have been extensively characterized. This includes small molecule agonists with demonstrated activity against all STING variants that are suitable for incorporation into ADCs.”

The development of innovative, STING-targeted medicines with the potential to benefit more people across a range of cancer settings is a top objective for everyone at Exelixis, and the company believes that these features will enhance that effort.