ABVC Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ: ABVC) Recently Issued an Update on PDC-1412

ABVC Biopharma Inc (NASDAQ: ABVC) recently issued an update of its PDC-1421 clinical study to its shareholders. The company announced that some of its clinical sites in Taiwan had just undergone site initiation visits; thus, it could begin its clinical studies.

The company hopes to increase awareness of plant-based treatments

 During the announcement, Dr Howard Doong, its CEO, stated that ABVC was thrilled to conclude the visits, thus recruiting participants for its advancement. Doong further added that the study’s goal was to bring awareness to remedies that plants possess regarding medicinal factors.

The company reiterated that treating malignant illnesses with plant-based supplements reduces the risks of side effects. Moreover, the company hopes to increase access to therapies using this technique.

Other studies on the phenomenon revealed that the ADHD drug industry’s value appreciates daily. Currently, the value of the market is worth $ 24.9 billion, which is an increase from the $ 16.4 billion recorded in 2018. ABVC expects the necessary regulatory bodies to conclude their site visits as soon as possible.

How the company conducted the study

The second phase of the study resumes alternate research conducted by the University of California. The latter commenced the study’s first phase with the approval of the Food & Drug Administration in late October.

Researchers enrolled 100 respondents in the study and concluded after the initial phase of the study.  Furthermore, the University of California focused its study on respondents based in Taiwan and the U.S.

The company is among the leading organisations in the Biopharmaceutical industry. ABVC possess a functional pipeline of six drugs and one medical technology. The company further created a reputation for advancing other institutions’ successful research. Moreover, the institutions include the University of California and Stanford University.

For certain products, ABVC intends to advance its research in various world regions, including Taiwan and the U.S. Currently, the organisation is awaiting the necessary regulative authorities to commence its recruitment process. The company also enforces alternative methods to treat malignant illnesses with natural ingredients, that is, plant-based supplements. ABVC also possesses a talented group of employees that produces effective services.