Applied Genetics Technology Corp (NASDAQ: AGTC) Recently Issued an Update on its Preclinical Study

Applied Genetics Technology Corp (NASDAQ: AGTC) recently announced the status of the preclinical particulars of its study. The company presented its findings at the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. Moreover, the conference provides a stage for organisations in the biopharmaceutical industry to enlarge their scope in creating mechanisms that tackle neurodegenerative illnesses, including Dementia.

The company predicts success for its next phase

The company also anticipates that the study will reveal how the genes interact while using hybrid dual AAV vectors. Applied Genetics’ chief officer, Dr Susan Schneider, stated that the study’s outcome provided the company with a sense of pride. They observed the number of treatments their gene therapy offered to patients. Schneider further added that the findings shared at the conference were only the beginning, and thus they were anticipating the success of the subsequent phases of the study.

The researchers administered the drug through injection

Frontotemporal dementia is an illness that is caused by the disruption of the mutation of a component present in the granulin gene. The gene is reserved in the brain and deals with the central nervous system. From the study’s findings, the authors observed that progranulin is then distributed to the cerebrospinal fluid through the intracisternal Magna injection.

The company is set to make the presentation from the 16th to the 19th of May 2022. However, the study’s findings will be accessible on the company website. From the accessible posters, it is clear that the manager, Dr Khalid Arhzaouy, and Sharon Norton Smith will present the study findings to the members present at the conference.

The company focuses on creating treatments for malignant illnesses, including central nervous system diseases and others. Applied Genetics is among the pioneer companies that produce various gene therapy components and create customised settings that work for affected patients. Currently, the company has multiple clinical trials that treat various malignant illnesses.

Applied Genetics Technology Corp also possesses an award-winning team of employees responsible for services rendered. The company’s portfolio has several breakthrough therapies. These accomplishments, thus, place the organisation on the map. The company’s goals are to help its patients improve their lives and increase shareholder values.