Hookipa Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: HOOK) Data Has Been Selected for the American Association for Cancer Research Meeting

Hookipa Pharma Inc (NASDAQ: HOOK) stated that the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) has selected its clinical biomarker, translational, and preclinical data for a presentation at its Annual Meeting. The meeting will happen between April 8 and 13, 2022.

According to the company’s CEO, Joern Aldag, the company is glad to have secured four presentations at the AACR. The decision by the committee proves its dedication to developing drugs to address unmet cancer needs.

Aldag adds the company is currently conducting Phase I/II for cancers of the neck and head. The study’s translational data shows a strong T cell response. Moreover, the preclinical data from prostate cancer research shows great potential.

AACR posters give a wide clinical biomarker, translational, and preclinical data underlining the therapeutic utility and versatility of augmenting and activating tumor CD8 cell responses by replicating arenavirus vectors.

Hookipa’s lead cancer drugs 

The lead cancer drug candidates for Hookipa are HB-202and HB-201. The company develops these therapies through replicating arenavirus vectors. All single-vector compounds utilize varying arenavirus backbones. Moreover, they express a common antigen, that is, HPV16-derived E7E6 protein.

When researchers alternated HB-202 and HB-201 during preclinical studies, patients responded better to the treatment. Moreover, the immune response was 10×more than it was with either drug.

Hookipa is conducting a Phase I/II study

In addition, the company is conducting a Phase I/II, which evaluates different dosing schedules and dose levels in people with neck and head cancers from HPV16. The study evaluates the efficacy of using HB-201 as a single therapy and the difference when alternated with HB-202 and given with PD-1 inhibitor.

Researchers will also test the tolerability and safety of the therapies. In addition, it will have pharmacodynamics and immunogenicity biomarker exploratory objectives.

Hookipa is a biopharmaceutical company that makes immunotherapies using its arenavirus platform. The company designed the treatments to amplify and mobilize T cells that the disease targets. As a result, this medication prevents severe infection.

The company has developed immunotherapies that treat prostate cancer and cancer induced by HPV16+. The company also develops treatments for lung, pancreatic, and colorectal KRAS cancers. Hookipa is also working with Gilead to create cures for HPV and HIV.