Cybin Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: CYBN) Announces Collaboration With The Chopra Foundation On Psychedelics-assisted Mental-Health Therapies

Cybin Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: CYBN) and The Chopra Foundation have announced a collaboration to support awareness and education regarding innovative ways of harnessing the potential of psychedelic treatments in mental health.

Cybin collaborates in Psychedelics research 

Research suggests that psychedelic-aided therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from mental diseases, such as Alcohol Use Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety Disorders, which are the indications that Cybin is targeting.

The Chopra Foundation Founder, Deepak Chopra, said, “The need for new and more effective treatments across the mental health spectrum is more urgent today than ever. Through our NeverAlone movement, we aim to combine forces with the best and brightest across businesses, policymakers, mental health professionals, and others – all with the goal of building awareness, advancing scientific research, and creating a global community to ensure widespread access to wellbeing resources.”

The Foundation is especially thrilled about collaborating with Cybin because of its dedication to worldwide wellness and mental health, as the number of firms investigating psychedelic-based medicines continues to expand.

Cybin and The Foundation committed to psychedelics treatments research 

Cybin’s team of highly skilled industry leaders and researchers is working to provide individuals in need with breakthrough psychedelic-based therapeutic solutions. The company’s key beliefs are centered on its comprehensive approach to therapies and commitment to changing the psychological health standard of care.

Also, the company shares the Foundation’s dedication to assuring access to mental wellbeing resources, including those in marginalized communities, in conjunction with its continuing preclinical, clinical, and experimental drug development activities.

CEO Doug Drysdale said, “Much is understood about psychedelics, as they have been studied in academia for decades, but there is still much investigative work to be done. At Cybin, we are using medicinal chemistry and drug delivery technologies to build on existing clinical data and improve the patient experience by overcoming the limitations of current treatments for mental illness. We share the Foundation’s pioneering spirit with regard to mental health and wellbeing.”