Cutting Edge Power announces an all-new version of its popular Smart Tech Power Meter

Cutting Edge Power is excited to announce an all-new version of their popular Smart Tech Power Meter. The new Smart Tech Power Meter 3.0 is a huge upgrade that adds several more sensors and app readings than the previous versions. Sensor range and maximum ratings have also been increased, as well as a beautifully redesigned app interface.  The Cutting Edge Power app has been found to be super easy to use and is a perfect accessory for any solar generator.

The recommended solar generator to pair with the Smart Tech Power Meter 3.0 is the 240V split phase Rebel Solar Generator, Cutting Edge Power’s flagship.  The Fortress is a weatherproof solar generator that replaces your old gas generator for powering your whole home through those cold power outages.

Solar panels, solar generators, and batteries are all modular and can be custom ordered through  Combined with the Smart Tech Power Meter 3.0, Cutting Edge Power Solar Generators can provide reliable and renewable power for events, parties, construction job site work, off-grid cabins and tiny homes, and more. 

Cutting Edge Power is a USA-based solar and wind turbine product manufacturer.  Located in Houston, TX, the company has rapidly become an influential player in the residential and commercial wind and solar industry.  You can find their products on their website at