Allogene Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: ALLO) and Antion Biosciences announce Exclusive Global Partnership Agreement for miRNA Technology

Allogene Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: ALLO) and Swiss cell and gene engineering firm Antion Biosciences have announced the signing of an exclusive partnership and global license deal for Antion’s miRNA tech (miCAR) to develop gene silencing as an additional device for developing next-gen allogeneic CAR T products.

Antion Biosciences pioneered  miRNA tech 

Antion is an early research business that has pioneered miRNA technology. It has shown proof-of-concept for multimodal gene silencing in allogeneic CAR T cell models in preclinical trials. The potential of miCAR technology to mute several gene targets through a single step was established in this research, indicating that this technology has a wide range of applications in cell and gene engineering. Allogene intends to use miCAR in conjunction with other innovations to create next-generation immune evasion methods and other advancements in allogeneic CAR T therapies. 

Chief Medical officer and EVP R&D Rafael Amado said, “We believe that Antion has one of the few technology options capable of delivering multiplex gene silencing with a high degree of specificity and potency. We are excited to be working with Antion to explore how their miCAR technology may advance and accelerate Allogene’s research efforts aimed at creating best in class allogeneic cell therapies.”

Antion to engage exclusively in cancer therapies 

Antion will engage exclusively with Allogene on cancer therapies for a set amount of time as part of this arrangement. In addition, Allogene will receive exclusive global rights to market Antion technologies produced throughout the collaboration. Antion will receive an initial cash payment as well as a preferred stock investment from Allogene. In addition, Antion will receive development and commercial milestone payments from Allogene, as well as a single-digit royalty on every product sale. Antion’s Board of Directors will also include Allogene.

Antion Chief Executive Officer Sven Kili said, “This collaboration represents an exciting validation of the power and flexibility of our miCAR platform. We are extremely enthusiastic to be working with Allogene, as the world leader in Allogeneic CAR T therapies to bring next-generation life changing therapies to patients.”