Pasithea Therapeutics Corp (NASDAQ: KTTA) Expands IV Ketamine Therapy Availability In Nevada And Florida

Pasithea Therapeutics Corp (NASDAQ: KTTA) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pasithea Clinics, has expanded the availability of IV ketamine therapy to Florida and Nevada patients.

Ketamine is effective in treating some psychiatric condition 

Ketamine has shown considerable efficacy in the treatment of certain psychiatric conditions, like post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) and treatment-resistant depression (“TRD”), in sub-anesthetic doses since it was first introduced to the medical community more than 50 years ago as an anesthetic. According to studies, up to 70% of patients who get IV ketamine treatment will experience a clinical response.

Pasithea CEO Dr. Tiago Resi Marques stated, “In November, we opened our first U.S. mobile clinics in New York and California, and we’re pleased to announce that our in-home IV ketamine infusion therapy is now available in Nevada and Florida. The pandemic has exacerbated the mental health crisis and the number of patients suffering from depression increased by approximately 25% in the past year. Today, up to three million Americans are known to have a diagnosis of treatment-resistant depression. These patients often struggle to complete day-to-day activities, and the effort required to visit a physical clinic can feel overwhelming. By expanding access to in-home treatment, we aim to close the treatment gap. Initially, the treatment will be offered in Miami and Las Vegas and will expand to other cities in these states in the coming weeks. Pasithea mobile clinics are already available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.”

Pasithea clinics to offer patients Ketamine therapy 

Dr. Adam Nadelson, Managing Director of Pasithea Clinics in the US, said, “The efficacy of ketamine in improving symptoms of some mental health disorders is well documented, and our mobile clinics enable patients to receive therapy in the privacy and comfort of their own homes while still under the care of an experienced medical team. This type of program can be crucial for people who struggle with treatment-resistant depression and is an important step in expanding access to IV ketamine treatment. We look forward to continuing our U.S. expansion in the coming months.”