Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CRVS) Offers Update in Mupadolimab Development for Oncology

Corvus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CRVS) has provided an update on its infectious disease and oncology development programs for mupadolimab. 

Mupadolimab activates B cells to trigger an immune response  

Mupadolimab former CPI-006 is a human monoclonal antibody that works against CD73 in activating B cells to create an immune response to tumor antigens and viruses and inhibiting immunosuppressive adenosine production in the tumor environment. 

The company is developing mupadolimab as a treatment for oncology and infectious disease applications, beginning with CPVID-19. The results of the Company’s Phase 3 clinical trial of mupadolimab for COVID-19 have been published online at today. The findings, which include 40 subjects recruited in the study before it was voluntarily halted, show that single mupadolimab doses at 2mg/kg and 1mg/kg improved the primary and critical secondary endpoints compared to placebo. 

Corvus CEO Richard Miller said, “We believe the results from our Phase 3 Covid trial show the potential for a dose response effect on the primary endpoint of time to respiratory failure or death for the 2mg/kg and 1mg/kg mupadolimab cohorts compared to placebo. Secondary endpoints also favored the cohorts receiving mupadolimab. Most interestingly, antiviral responses in the 2mg/kg cohort trended higher across all variants tested, including delta. Cross reactivity to the delta variant is of interest as patients were enrolled prior to its emergence as the dominant variant in the United States.”

Study didn’t reach statistical significance 

Miller continued, “As expected when we discontinued the trial, statistical significance was not reached due to the sample size. However, we are very encouraged by the consistent trends and immune response data, which we believe support mupadolimab’s proposed mechanism of action and its potential value for the treatment of viral infections. Combined with the findings in our previous Phase 1 trial in 29 patients, we believe there is mounting evidence that mupadolimab could become a universal treatment for viral diseases, with the ability to address immune escape from variants.”