Sonnet BioTherapeutics Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SONN) Completes Discovery Phase Of Its Second Biospecific Asset, SON-1410

Sonnet BioTherapeutics Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SONN) has announced the selection of a novel development candidate following the completion of comparative studies in animal melanoma models. 

Sonnet selects biospecific compound integrated interleukin 12 

The candidate represents the company’s second biospecific molecule integrating Interleukin 12 (IL-12) with Sonnet’s Fully Human Albumin Binding Platform. Notably, the company will target renal and melanoma cancers as the indications for SON-1410. 

The company’s CEO and founder Pankaj Mohan said, “Following our recently completed $30 million financing, we are excited to have identified this latest bispecific candidate, which is scheduled to enter the next stages of its development during the fourth quarter of 2021, with the objective of filing an IND in the second half of 2022. Our Scientific Advisory Board is very encouraged by these latest data and by the opportunity to further expand our work with IL-18 and IL-12.”

IL18-FHAB-IL12 reduced tumor  volume 

IL18-FHAB-IL12 demonstrated a statistically meaningful reduction in tumor size in the animal melanoma study relative to the placebo group, including dose-response. The company also conducted a separate study on mice comparing the IL18-FHAB-IL12 version selected and other products, CMCSF- IL18-FHAB-IL12  and CMCSF- IL18-FHAB-IL18. N data showed an enhanced reduction in tumor volume alongside higher Interferon Gamma levels as well as immune cell responses using IL18-FHAB-IL12 relative to CMCSF- IL18-FHAB-IL12 and CMCSF- IL18-FHAB-IL18. 

The company’s Chief Scientific Officers, John K. Cini, said, “I am excited about IL18-FHAB-IL12 becoming our second bispecific candidate that utilizes IL-12. There appears to be synergy between these interleukins, as IL-18 upregulates the IL-12 receptor and IL-12 upregulates the IL-18 receptor. IL-18 also appears to increase chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL10. SON-1410 has the potential to make a cold tumor immunologically hot. Used with a checkpoint inhibitor, SON-1410 could synergistically enhance clinical efficacy. Bispecific assets on the FHAB platform offer targeted delivery to tumors and an extended half-life, potentially improving the therapeutic index for safety and tolerability with enhanced efficacy.”