Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ETTX) and Zai Lab Ltd (NASDAQ: ZLAB) Complete Patient Enrollment Efforts in its Phase III ATTACK Clinical Trial

Entasis Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ETTX) is a clinical-stage biopharma corporation that focuses primarily on developing and discovering novel antibacterial treatments. On the other hand, Zai Lab Ltd (NASDAQ: ZLAB) is a commercial-stage biopharma corporation. Both companies recently announced that they were done with patient enrollment processes for their Phase III ATTACK trial of SUL-DUR (sulbactam-durlobactum). Top-line data in this year’s fourth quarter.  

Senior Management

Entasis’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Altarac, said that completing this specific process signified a milestone for both the companies involved in the study. He thanked the healthcare professionals, patients, and Zai Lab Inc for their collective efforts that have helped enable them to reach full patient enrollment during these tough times. He said that the company believed its ATTACK study is the largest pathogen-specific, antibiotic-resistant registration clinical trial to be done worldwide. It’s also the first trial to concentrate on Acinetobacter carbapenem-resistant infections specifically. The CMO claimed that they expect to release top-line data soon.

Zai Lab’s CMO for Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases, Dr. Harald Reinhart, said that CRAB-based infections are very hard to manage and are often linked to high mortality rates. In addition, effective and safe antibiotic treatments for such strains aren’t available anymore. The CMO continued to say that this problematic pathogen is often isolated from ICU patients in most countries, including China. Dr. Reinhart said that the company believes that its SUL-DUR treatment is uniquely designed to manage these unmet needs and is happy that China-based clinical facilities helped with the trial.

The ATTACK study is a Phase III registrational clinical trial that’ll analyze both the efficacy and the safety of SUL-DUR in individuals suffering from CRAB (carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter) infections. The first part of the trial will be to see how effective SULD-DUR is compared to colistin. Roughly 25% of the individuals in this part were onboarded from China. More than 120 patients were enrolled. The trial’s Part b managed to enroll around 25 patients or so.