Nova Mentis Life Science Corp (OTCMKTS: NMLSF) to File for a Provisional Patent to Back Up its Psilocybin-Based Therapeutics

Nova Mentis Life Science Corp wants to develop wide-ranging substances. They include tryptamine analogues, psilocybin, aeruginascin, and baeocystin. It seems to have made a significant step forward with its plan, and now it wants a patent. Accordingly, it has announced efforts to file for a U.S. provisional patent application to support its proprietary activities in manufacturing the substances mentioned above. 

Company’s proprietary targets

NOVA’s CEO & President Will Rascan applauds NOVA’s efforts to develop its proprietary synthetic drug pipeline and wishes it all the best as it focuses on applying for its provisional patent. The leader believes the company is doing the right thing as it pushes the FDA to approve its drugs and commercialization operations. 

Rascal takes pride in NOVA’s technology and its decision to cooperate with its API manufacturing partner. He foresees a massive opportunity, in which case the company will demonstrate how the psilocybin-based therapeutics work. In addition, it will be essential to showcase how the product helps in the treatment of chronic neuroinflammatory disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Hausman’s perspective

The Chairman of NOVA’s Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Marvin S. Hausman states, “The ability to produce these three psychedelically active tryptamine derivatives in greater than 98 per cent purity places NOVA in a unique position to create a novel entourage formulation to treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a complex multidimensional problem with many subsets. NOVA intends to design and test its entourage formulation in the 3rd – 4th quarter 2021, in the same fragile X rat model that the company recently used to reveal significant behavioral improvement after treatment with its proprietary psilocybin drug.”

Baeocystin, Psilocybin, and aeruginascin are substances known to produce psychoactive effects. In other words, they happen to be active compounds, and thus, the dosage needs to be done correctly. Taking higher dosages than is required could result in severe or severe psychoactive effects.