Humanigen Inc (NASDAQ:HGEN) Demonstrates Improved Survival Of COVID-19 Patients In Phase 3 Clinical Trial Of Lenzilumab Without The Need For A Ventilator

Humanigen Inc (NASDAQ:HGEN) reported positive topline results of lenzilumab, which is tested in phase 3 clinical trials in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The patients showed 54% improvement in survival of patients without the need for a mechanical ventilator. 

CEO of Humanigen, Cameron Durrant said the company demonstrated a positive outcome in the phase 3 clinical trial of its innovative drug formulation – lenzilumab in hospitalized coronavirus patients. 

Seeks EUA

The company conducted a phase 3 clinical trial of lenzilumab involving patients with various comorbidities like BMS above 30. Humanigen will soon approach the US FDA to seek EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for its innovative drug – lenzilumab to treat coronavirus patients.

Shares results

Humanigen will also share its topline results of lenzilumab with various agencies worldwide besides submitting to the US governmental agencies. 

Professor (Infectious Diseases) Andrew Badley said Mayo Clinic is excited to participate in evaluating lenzilumab from the early stages of development. He is thrilled to receive positive results to improve the survival of coronavirus patients. 

Mayo Clinic will consider using lenzilumab to treat newly admitted COVID-19 patients if FDA grants EUA. According to results obtained from the 28-day clinical trial, the innovative formulation improves the survival of the coronavirus patients significantly. 

Appoints CMO

Humanigen posted Adrian Kilcoyne to the newly created CMO position on April 21, 2021. Adrian will report to Durrant.

Adrian will contribute strong leadership skills gained during his tenure at biotechnology and multinational pharmaceutical companies. He holds a strong background in public health medicine and internal medicine. 

The recent roles of Adrian include VP (Oncology Global Medical Affairs) at AstraZeneca and as a VP at US Medical Affairs. Adrian managed data sciences, biostatistics, epidemiology, and real-world evidence during his previous roles.

Durrant commenting on the appointment, said the company is excited to welcome Adrian to its family. Humanigen can use the knowledge and experience of Adrian in various fields like CAR-T, COVID-19, regulatory affairs, other oncology clinical developments, health economics, and evidence generation.

As a CMO at Humanigen, Adrian will engage in the regulatory strategy and clinical development of lenzilumab in various therapeutic indications like COVID-19, CMML, acute GvHD, and CAR-T. He is also responsible for the clinical development of ifabotuzumab to treat solid tumors.