Oragenics, Inc (NYSE:OGEN) Inks A Pact With Biodextris Inc To Use Three IMAs In Its Terra CoV-2 vaccine

Oragenics, Inc (NYSE:OGEN) entered an accord with Biodextris Inc in March 2021. As per the terms of the pact, Oragenics will use three IMAs (intranasal mucosal adjuvants) of Biodextris in its Terra CoV-2 vaccine. The addition of IMAs (BDX300, BDX100, and BDX301) improves the immunogenicity of vaccines.

The proteosome-based adjuvants comprise lipopolysaccharides and proteins with improved attributes like production efficiency and strong immune response.

The Terra COV-2 vaccine will be evaluated to prevent coronavirus infection caused by SARS-CoV-2. Oragenics will use the data obtained from this trial to seek IND application from the US FDA. It will also use the data to seek the permission of Health Canada to commence clinical trials.

Scope to enter a commercial pact

The pact allows collaboration between both companies in the clinical development of an intranasal vaccine. They can also enter into a commercial pact on receiving the regulatory nod for the intranasal vaccine.

In the preclinical study involving animals, the company will study IMAs together with the Terra CoV-2 vaccine.

In this clinical trial, the company will examine immunogenicity effects in mice along with hamster viral challenges. Toxicology study in rodents is also a necessity to seek regulatory nod for human trials.

The CEO of Oragenics, Alan Joslyn, said the material transfer agreement with Biodextris allows it to expand and advance its Terra CoV-2 vaccine with an innovative delivery option. He further said the combination of IMAs with its antigens will explore new opportunities for the vaccine to become a convenient and effective option compared to the vaccines rolled out in the market.

Storage at refrigerator temperatures

Terra CoV-2 vaccine can be stored at refrigerator temperatures and promotes easy distribution. Therefore, it finds enormous use across the world to contain coronavirus.

President of Biodextris, Joseph Zimmerman, said the company is pleased to enter a pact with Oragenics in exploring the Terra CoV-2 vaccine’s potential. He said proteosome-based compounds are powerful enough to elicit serum and mucosal antibodies.

Oragenics obtained a license from NIH in March 2020 for its Terra CoV-2 spike protein.

Raises a capital of $20 million

Oragenics issued its common stock as per the pact signed with AGP and raised a capital of $20 million. It also received an additional $1.9 million by exercising common stock warrants.