Atossa Therapeutics Pleased After FDA Gives It A “Safe To Proceed” Letter To Continue Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Ovarian cancer is a life-threatening condition that continues to claim many lives worldwide. Atossa Therapeutics Inc has been developing wide-ranging products and solutions to help such patients. The company is impressed by the FDA’s latest move to give it a “Safe to Proceed” letter, which will pave the way for the development of top-notch products to help patients worldwide.

Treating the patient

The body’s heads-up allows the company to proceed with oral Endoxifen in the treatment of ovarian cancer. The company has been examining a patient struggling with ovarian cancer.

The patient continues to receive treatment at the University Of Washington Medical Center. The body’s approval might be the start to the discovering of a working solution for cancer patients. Surgeon-in-Chief Dr. Barbara Goff is at the facility doing everey7thing within his means to help the patient the better.

Dr. Goff recently had talks with Atossa, wanting to gain permission for the use of Endoxifen. The medical practitioner’s condition was that the FDA first gives the expanded access before using the product on the patient. The body has given its approval, and the treatment is on course.

Conducting the tests

Atossa’s President CEO, Steven Quay, discloses details about the patient’s condition’s severity index. According to the top official, the patient struggles with a recurrent type of ovarian cancer. The patient has been had already undergone a series of tests, part of which being functional molecular genomic testing. The doctor utilized several 3D tumor organoid cultures in the tests in question.

The organoid testing brings several important points to light, one of those being the working of the combination between Endoxifen and alpelisib. Sources indicate that the two solutions function to produce an outstanding tumor response within the human body.

Atossa is quite pleased about the undertaking to help the patient and looks forward to witnessing how she responds to the treatment. The company sees the drug combination as a working solution that will change ovarian cancer treatment outlook.

The company awaits the outcome of the drug on the patient to make other defining decisions. The company says that positive outcomes will encourage it to focus on undertaking additional clinical studies.