Boon Industries (OTCMKTS:BNOW) Ramps Toward Potential Breakout as DiOx+ Gains Traction

The pandemic health crisis has activated investor interest in a number of different market sectors, with chemicals being one of the most significant as we focus increasingly on disinfecting surfaces and reducing the path of transmission for pathogens.

At the same time, perhaps the other most important theme driving market action is environmental sustainability. The “Environment, Social, and Governance” (ESG) movement is a defining aspect of the business economy now and will be for the long-term. The upshot is that companies now file ESG reports to show how they are working to reduce their carbon footprints and make a positive contribution to society. While it extends well beyond environmental issues, the green movement is an enormous piece of the ESG puzzle.

In fact, Morgan Stanley estimates that as much as $68 trillion may be invested according to ESG proficiency over the coming decade as millennials and gen-z-ers inherit wealth from their parents and grandparents and mobilize it in investable asset markets.

Boon Industries (OTCMKTS:BNOW) is a small company with a big vision and some very interesting IP in play that neatly connects these explosive themes.

Getting to Know You

Boon Industries (OTCMKTS:BNOW) bills itself as an innovative bioscience name delivering “environmentally safe products to benefit people and the planet.”

At the core of Boon’s product offering is DiOx+, a Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Sterilizer. Chlorine Dioxide has been approved by OSHA, FDA, EPA, CDC, USDA, and DOT. DiOx+ kills 99.9999% of harmful pathogens without dangerous toxic exposure to the user or the environment.

The proprietary chemical formulas and processes behind DiOx+ make it ideal for sterilization of mission critical, high value medical equipment and the disinfecting of air and surfaces in laboratory and hospital environments.

DiOx+ helps protect agricultural crops from disease, is used in water treatment plants, and helps reduce operational costs in warehousing, distribution centers and ecommerce support facilities.

According to company materials, the introduction of DiOx+ to the U.S. market follows 10+ years of Chlorine Dioxide usage in global markets driven by Boon’s CEO Justin Gonzalez. DiOx+ delivers on Boon’s promise to provide the most effective, affordable solutions without sacrificing health and safety.

Working to Get the EPA on Board

Boon Industries (OTCMKTS:BNOW) most recently announced that the company completed Phase-I of its EPA testing of its DIOX+. 

Justin Gonzalez, CEO, stated, “Boon will complete its Form-10 Filing and Audit to go SEC Fully-Reporting this month, which will coincide with uplisting to the OTCQB. A growing number of industries and near-future contracts are relying on the superior disinfection and environmentally friendly properties of our DIOX+ product which they will use to not only disinfect municipal and drinking water supplies, but also control the water’s taste, odor and color. Our government and commercial contracts will utilize DIOX+ to sanitize complete warehouses, equipment and preparation surfaces, wash fruits and vegetables, and prevent salmonella and e-coli from contaminating meat and poultry.”

According to its release, Boon is an environmentally conscious company, and DiOx+ is the first of many environmentally friendly products that outperforms common toxic and unsafe products currently in the market today. In fact, DIOX+ technology protects the environment and human health from bacteria and by-products formed by other disinfection methods. For example, in the pulp and paper industry, the use of ClO2 has virtually eliminated dioxin in mill wastewater and has led to significant improvements in surrounding ecosystems. As a result, the Federal government is phasing out the use of chlorine in pulp mills over the next few years.

More importantly at this pivotal stage in history, DiOx+ is used to kill pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces (the media) to make them harmless, and to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from the human body, to cut off the transmission route of infectious diseases, and achieve the purpose of controlling infectious diseases.

The company also noted that it has completed its new production facility in Northern California and will prepare to distribute DIOX+ to the global commercial sanitization market segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

According to the company, the Asia Pacific is slated to account for a significant share by 2027 in the commercial sanitization market. The growth in the region can be attributed to the surge in demand for sanitizer from various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail and foodservice, and automotive and aerospace, among others. Additionally, the swelling spending power of consumers in the region and the growing awareness about hygiene in these regions will spur the commercial sanitization market. North America is projected to provide significant growth opportunities due to the implementation of government initiatives and stringent regulations on sterilization and disinfection in working places such as hospitals, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Technical Analysis

Technically, Boon Industries (OTCMKTS:BNOW) shares are sitting in a bullish ascending triangle pattern after finding key support at the key 50-day MA support level.

As the chart above demonstrates, the stock has found increasing interest in recent action.

That traction may well be linked to its increased legitimacy as it works to bring its environmentally sustainable, safe, effective anti-bacterial, anti-pathogen cleansing product to market at scale in the huge US market following the heightened sensitivity to the aversion toward pathogens that has naturally grown in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. A move above the $0.40 level would mark a significant bullish breakout.

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