ISWH Heats Up as New Bitcoin Play

Bitcoin is rampaging higher, but it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to insiders in the space who have been looking for this type of action for years. Think about this way: this is a store of value that can be stored and transacted for free, maintains finite supply and scarcity, and is protected by the most impenetrable system ever created in the blockchain ledger.

The only missing piece all along was legitimacy. The only silver bullet now is sovereign regulatory action.

Legitimacy is happening, as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BofA, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, Square, and other major branded global entities get on board.

Regulatory action is nowhere in sight as central banks start to carve out a space for it. And with that much buy-in from established entities, it gets harder and harder to imagine regulators having the guts to change course every day.

But Bitcoin isn’t going to a million dollars a coin. The big estimates put it at $100k-$150k. If it gets to full market cap parity with gold, that would take it around $400k. So, investors stepping into the game now looking for outsized returns might want to take a look at speculative equities with exposure to the bitcoin boom.

Which is why we turn our attention to ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH).

Mining Bitcoin

ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is a micro-cap trading on the OTC with strong exposure to the Bitcoin space.

The company also has growing revenues, with seven consecutive quarters of sequential double-digit percentage topline growth, growing cash on the balance sheet, and several EBITDA positive report cards in the books.

It also has a partnership with Bit5ive, LLC, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining and innovative turnkey mining solutions.

Bit5ive is an official distribution partner of Bitmain, the industry-leading fabless manufacturer of computing chips and distributor of Antminers to more than 30 countries in Latin America, Central America, and the Caribbean. In addition, Bit5ive is the producer and distributor of POD5 and Power Skid 2.5, the most efficient and successful infrastructure for crypto mining hardware.

Bit5ive is quickly becoming one of the largest U.S.-based companies in the cryptocurrency mining and bitcoin farm industry. Together, within this partnership, ISWH has designed, assembled, and shipped its “Pod5ive turnkey mining solution” under the brand, Proceso. The Proceso Pod5ive crypto mining pod is described by the company as one of “… the single most elegant, powerful, and efficient data center pods in the world … Designed in partnership with Bit5ive, and geared primarily for the cryptocurrency mining industry, the Proceso S19 Pod5ive Datacenter offers next-generation dynamic self-management functionality, plug-and-play operation, virtually non-existent maintenance needs, and an industry best-in-class 1.06 Power Usage Effectiveness score.”

Investing in Bitcoin

ISW Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:ISWH) is also investing its cash in Bitcoin. According to the company’s most recent release, it started converting cash to Bitcoin in March 2019, when Bitcoin was trading at about $4,000/coin.

To that effect, and specifically, the company most recently announced that it is in the process of converting $20,000 of the Company’s cash holdings into Bitcoin. The Company also announces that it will be regularly conducting similar transactions on a quarterly basis to convert a percentage of cash flows into Bitcoin.

According to the release, management expects this transaction to be completed this week. The Company began transitioning cash resources into Bitcoin with an initial transaction in March 2019 at approximately $4,000/Bitcoin.

“We believe in the future of Bitcoin and digital payment systems, and cash represents an unproductive asset given the degree of monetary expansion, stimulus, and debt dragging down traditional currency systems,” commented Alonzo Pierce, President and Chairman of ISW Holdings. “We are also on schedule to launch mining operations through our S19 Pod5 solution at the Bit5ive renewable energy project by the end of January.”

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