Momentum Stock Focus: Clubhouse Media Group (OTCMKTS:TONJ) and the Future of Advertising

Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ) has become Clubhouse Media Group, and has become one of the most interesting stocks trading on the OTC over recent months in the process, with a monster 4,300% rally in the summer and fall of 2020, and some powerful back and forth action ever since.

Traders are trying to get a handle on the story, so we thought we would take a closer look.

To understand the TONJ story, you need to understand one fact off the bat: the future of marketing, advertising, and branding is all about social media influencers. Pop-up internet ads and banners are worthless. No one watches TV commercials anymore. Billboards? Radio?

It’s a problem for companies with branded products that need greater meaningful exposure with their target market.

Enter “influencer-based marketing”: there’s nothing that compares with having someone you trust tell you – outside of the context of anything you think of as a traditional ‘ad’ – which brand of shoes they strap on for that afternoon workout.

What’s All the Excitement About?

With that said, Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ), as noted above, is actually Clubhouse Media Group, an influencer-based media and marketing firm with a global network of professionally run content houses, each of which has its own brand, influencer cohort, and production capabilities. The name change is pending with FINRA. The acquisition closed a few months ago.

According to company materials, the Clubhouse offers management, production, and deal-making services to its handpicked influencers, a management division for individual influencer clients, and an investment arm for joint ventures and acquisitions for companies in the social media influencer space.

The Clubhouse management team consists of successful entrepreneurs with financial, legal, marketing, and digital content creation expertise.

The firm’s reach is already staggering, with an estimated 100-140 million followers already tuning in to its stable of top social media influencers. And the earned media has been making a splash, with feature coverage in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Cosmo, Seventeen, and Forbes, among others.

The Company has already established a network of four current social media content creation houses: “Clubhouse BH”, “Dance Dome LA”, “Clubhouse Europe”, and “Not a Content House”.

The upshot here is an influencer-based brand development engine that already reaches over a hundred million potential consumers.

Growing Up

Clubhouse Media Group (OTCMKTS:TONJ) is also working hard these days to forge into new markets and expand the brands they can work with.

At this stage, the company is primarily reaching teens and young adults. But that may be about to change.

Just this week, TONJ announced the upcoming launch of its newest social media content creation house: “Clubhouse Vegas”. Clubhouse Vegas is set to roll out near the strip in Las Vegas, NV, sometime later this quarter, representing the company’s fifth content creation mansion.

The location will allow the influencers to go live from the strip and focus on the 20-40-year-old demo, which has more disposable income and very little overlap with the markets attacked by its other influencers at the prior houses.

This will allow for deals with new clients, including spirits brands, who are already top consumers of social media influencer-based marketing services.

Amir Ben-Yohanan, CEO of Clubhouse Media Group, remarked, “We believe this is an ideal location to expand our total reach in demographic, economic, and geographic terms. Our ability to reach new end markets directly expands our capacity to drive shareholder value and harness the enormous growth opportunity that forms the foundation of our value proposition.”

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