Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NASDAQ:KNSA) Begins Phase 2 Clinical Study of Vixarelimab in Prurigo Nodularis

Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NASDAQ:KNSA) commenced a phase 2 clinical study of the drug – Vixarelimab with the first dosing in prurigo nodularis. The new medicine is targeted to cure chronic inflammatory skin condition, which is characterized by severe pruritic skin nodules.

Vixarelimab targets OSMRβ

The fully-human monoclonal antibody Vixarelimab acts by targeting OSMRβ (oncostatin M receptor beta). Kiniska received breakthrough therapy designation from the US FDA for its Vixarelimab to cure pruritus related to prurigo nodularis.

Chairman of Kiniska, Sanj K. Patel said the company is excited to commence phase 2b clinical study of its innovative drug – Vixarelimab by administering the first dose in patients suffering from prurigo nodularis.

Kiniska conducts phase 2b clinical trial after obtaining and analyzing the data from its clinical and pre-clinical work in the chronic skin condition. The team will engage in evaluating the drug – Vixarelimab in various dosage regimens every month.

Vixarelimab targets the OSMRβ receptor in curing the chronic skin condition and expects to provide a meaningful effect on people with prurigo nodularis.

Enrolls 180 patients

Kiniska is conducting a placebo-controlled, double-blind and randomized clinical trial to investigate pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of vixarelimab in people suffering from prurigo nodularis. It will enroll 180 patients, who are suffering from moderate to severe pruritus. They will be administered vixarelimab in a dosage of 540 mg, 360 mg, 120 mg, and placebo as a subcutaneous injection once a month.

Kiniska will measure the percentage change from its baseline in the WI-NRS (Worst itch numeric rating) at week 16. In the secondary endpoint, it will observe WI-NRS reduction in patients at week 16.

Reports positive data from mavrilimumab in Phase 2b trial

Kiniska reported positive data from the phase 2b clinical study of mavrilimumab in treating people suffering from hyper inflammation and pneumonia associated with COVID-19. It observed a 20.5% improvement in the primary endpoint at day 14. The patients treated with this innovative drug also required less duration of mechanical ventilation and mortality.

Kiniska embarks on enrolling patients for phase 2/3 clinical study of mavrilimumab for treatment in severe coronavirus. It expects phase 2 clinical results in H2 2021. The company is also developing an antibody to treat giant cell arteritis.