Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ) Nears Name and Ticker Change to Cap its Transition Into Dominant Branding Play

Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ) is really “Clubhouse Media Group” following the acquisition several months ago. That’s a fact that is about to become clear to the world to a greater extent than has been the case thus far very soon.

Through FINRA, both the stock’s name and ticker are nearing a process of change that will make the superficial factors line up well with the underlying narrative, which is generally a very positive step for a strong story. The alignment factor is generally underestimated in terms of effect. Stocks trade on narrative. The numbers, the charts, the performance data – all of it only has meaning to the extent it attaches to a narrative thread that makes sense and is compelling to market participants.

But if the masthead of that narrative doesn’t make sense, the value proposition is undercut. In the case of TONJ, we are nearing an alignment of outer and inner factors within the context of powerful narrative on both macro and micro levels, based on our analysis.

Is this a strong story? We would answer with an emphatic “Yes”. And here’s why.

Big Topline Growth Potential

As we gain traction on a coming post-pandemic world, households are sitting on very strong balance sheets with excess cash and diminished debt, according to multiple economic reports, especially among those households most likely to drive consumption of typical goods.

For a marketing a branding company, such as Clubhouse Media Group, that’s a very prepotent situation.

Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ) is still the main identifier, but that’s about to change, and we could potentially see a market reaction when it does. After all, the Clubhouse Media Group brand has already been covered by the New York Times, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Cosmo, Seventeen, and Forbes.

The company has already amassed a social media influencer following nearing 100 million followers across its entire stable of influencers.

This will enable it to drive forward expectations and results that include both brand establishment and external brand marketing contracts, suggesting a relatively quick route to strong topline growth data, which doesn’t appear to us to be discounted into shares.

Innovation in Play

Aside from the basic influencer model, there are signs that Tongji Healthcare Group Inc (OTCMKTS:TONJ) is driving toward a more comprehensive disrupter role than just powering along as a major brand development and marketing engine.

To wit: the company just announced the signing of a Definitive Agreement to acquire Magiclytics, one of the world’s first Influencer-Based Marketing Revenue Prediction Software platforms.

“Magiclytics solves one of the largest problems in Influencer-based Marketing,” commented Amir Ben Yohanan, CEO at Tongji. “Brands lack visibility into return potential when investing in influencer-based marketing campaigns. Without visibility, strategic decisions end up being left to coin-toss analytics. But Magiclytics provides that visibility through machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a guide when trying to determine which influencers to bring into the equation and how much of the market a particular brand can hope to access through the strategy.”

According to the release, Magiclytics currently predicts return on investment on both the Instagram and TikTok platforms. Through advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, the Magiclytics platform is designed to allow brands to identify which influencers to work with and to provide guidance on revenue generation potential through influencer campaigns. The Company anticipates the addition of Magiclytics will help its current brand deals become more scalable and efficient as well as add an additional source of revenue to the Company.

TONJ now boasts an influencer team carrying an aggregate estimated base approaching 100 million followers within its network. The Clubhouse represents an established network of four social media content creation houses – “Clubhouse BH”, “Clubhouse Europe”, and two “Not a Content House” locations.

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