Moderna Inc (NASDAQ:MRNA) Receives Emergency Use Approval For Its mNRA Vaccine From The US FDA To COVID-19

Moderna Inc (NASDAQ:MRNA) received EUA (emergency use approval) for mNRA-1273 vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US to cure COVID-19. The vaccine shall be used on individuals aged 18 and above. Modern will supply 20 million doses of the vaccine before the end of December 2020.

Commences supply of the mNRA-1273 vaccine

Moderna will immediately commence the supply of mNRA-1273 vaccine to the US Government. After gathering additional data, the company will seek BLA (Biologics License Application) in 2021 with the US FDA for a full license.

30,000 people participate in the clinical trials

CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel commended the efforts of its partners, suppliers, NIAID, NIH, and its team in expediting and participating in the clinical trials of the Coronavirus vaccine. A record number of 30,000 people participated in the clinical trials in 11 months. The company will put in efforts to scale up the production of the vaccine and protect several people.

The Department of Defense and HHS to manage the distribution

The US CDC (centers for Disease Control and Prevention), DOD (Department of Defense), and HHS (The Department of Health and Human Services) will engage in the allocation/ distribution of mNRA-1273 in the US. Around 20 million doses of the vaccine will be provided to the US Government before the end of December 2020. The vaccine will be distributed to the population in the US on advice by the advisory committee of CDC.

Expects to deliver 125 million doses of vaccine in Q1 2021

Moderna will deliver up to 125 million doses of coronavirus vaccine in Q1 2021 worldwide. The company will provide 100 million doses of this quantity in the US. According to a primary efficacy analysis carried out on 196 people, the efficacy rate of mNRA-1273 vaccine is 94.1%.

Adverse reactions of mNRA-1273 vaccine

The adverse reactions observed during the administration of the first two doses of the vaccine are ipsilateral lymphadenopathy at 14.2%, swelling rate at 12.2%, erythema at 8.6%, and injection site pain at 88.2%. However, the patients experienced severe reactions (grade 3) after administering the second dose.

Who cannot use mNRA-1273 vaccine?

The vaccine should not be administered to candidates, who have a history of allergic reactions like anaphylaxis.