Pulmatrix Inc (NASDAQ:PULM) And Its Partner Sensory Cloud Announce FEND’s Commercial Rollout

Pulmatrix Inc (NASDAQ:PULM) and its distribution partner Sensory Cloud have announced the commercial launch of a nasal hygiene product called FENDI.

FEND is a hypertonic nasal spray made of a calcium fluoride compound that can reduce up to 99% of airborne respiratory droplets for up to 6 hours. It therefore has the potential to reduce coronavirus infections, thus contributing to the arsenal of anti-COVID19 measures such as wearing face masks. Pulmatrix believes that now is the ideal time to launch the product considering that preventative measures are necessary since there is still no vaccine or cure.

Sensory Cloud will have the rights to market the FEND nasal product as an extension of its partnership with Pulmatrix. The partnership previously focused on the PUR003 and PUR006 nasal cavity formulations which were also marketed by Sensory Cloud.

FEND not only reduces 99% of the particles passing through the nasal cavity but it also filters 75% of the particles being exhaled. Researchers also believe that FEND might increase the effectiveness of wearing surgical masks, especially in indoor situations.

“There is a growing body of scientific evidence that FEND, delivered by Sensory Cloud’s FEND Mister, can reduce bioaerosol production, addressing even the smallest aerosol particles not blocked by masks,” stated Ted Raad, the CEO of Pulmatrix.

Pulmatrix has high expectations for FEND as far as revenue generation is concerned

Mr. Raad believes that FEND’s commercial launch is an important milestone for his company because it will help to combat the coronavirus pandemic more effectively. The company also plans to ride on FEND’s success in the hopes of generating enough revenue to further enhance its iSPERSE™ platform. The latter is the platform that Pulmatrix has been using to develop its inhaled therapies.

Pulmatrix is currently excited about the launch of its new product which will be distributed by Sensory Cloud. They are optimistic that FEND will not only help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus but that it will help to make a notable impact in fighting against the pandemic at a global scale. Pulmatrix also expects to receive royalties from Sensory Cloud as part of their distribution agreement.