Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN)Established That VASCEPA® can Reduce Ischemic Events In Individuals That Previously Had PCI

Amarin Corporation Plc. (NASDAQ:AMRN) has announced the presentation of REDUCE-IT® PCI at Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics Connect during the 32nd Cardiovascular Research Foundation annual scientific symposium.

Exploring REDUCE-IT data and effect in patients

The presentation adds to the vast knowledge of VASCEPA®’s (icospapent ethyl) clinical impact. Deepak Bhatt, the Interventional Cardiovascular Programs Executive Director at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is the principal investigator and senior author of the REDUCE-IT analyses. Bhatt said the opportunity of exploring REDUCE-IT data and effective in patients with prior PCI shows more understanding of the possible benefits of VASCEP® in a clinical setup.

He said that results of benefit in at-risk patients with previous PCI show consistency with previously presented results on overall reductions in total and first coronary revascularization events of 36% and 34%, respectively. Most importantly, the statistically significant substantial benefit in minimized coronary revascularization procedures witnessed from 11 months offers clinicians more intervention in patient populations where time is of the essence.

The REDUCE-IT PCI analysis evaluated 3,408 patients enrolled in the REDUCE-IT study that had previously undergone PCI. The study randomized patients in a median of 2.9 years post PCI. The baseline characteristics were the same among the randomized patients to VASCEPA compared to the placebo. According to post hoc exploratory analysis of the 3,408 patients subgroup with prior PCI there was a significant reduction of time to the first event with VASCEPA compared to placebo. Total that is the first and subsequent events were reduced by 39%, while for the main secondary endpoint or 3-point MACE, there was a 34% reduction of time to the first event for patients with prior PCI.

VASCEPA has a significant impact on at-risk patients

Amarin’s SVP and President, R&D and Chief Scientific Officer, Steven Ketchum, said that revascularization offers considerably impact the healthcare system. He added that PCI procedures add to the burden and also drive significant costs. Ketchum said that the subgroup data presented at the TCT Connect 2020 shows new findings that demonstrate the significant impact of VASCEPA on at-risk individuals in REDUCE-IT with previous PCI procedures.