Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:HALO) And Argenx Expand Their Partnership And License Deal For ENHANZE® Technology

Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:HALO) announced on October 6 that it is expanding its partnership and license agreement with Argenx, allowing them to continue working together.

The two companies have been in a business relationship since February 2019 when they signed the original license and partnership agreement. The newly announced expanded deal will allow Argenx to have exclusive access to the ENHANZE drug delivery system which was developed by Halozyme. The expanded agreement will allow Argenx to have three extra targets once both companies agree on a total of six targets. Argenx has so far nominated two focus targets which are the FcRn neonatal Fc receptor and the C2 complement component.

“We are pleased to be expanding the scope of our collaboration with Halozyme and to continue our productive relationship,” stated Argenx Chief Operating Officer, Keith Woods.

Argenx has so far benefitted significantly from the ENHANZE platform

Mr. Woods also noted that the company is focusing on secure subcutaneous delivery because it acknowledges that patients have different preferences. This will allow the companies to ensure that the treatments are comfortable for use, for as many patients as possible. He also added that Argenx has already been tapping into the exclusive access to the ENHANZE platform for its FcRn antagonist called efgartigimod. The latter is in late-stage development as a treatment for numerous autoimmune conditions.

Halozyme expressed excitement in the expansion of the collaboration and licensing deal with Argenx, particularly the expansion of up to six targets. Halozyme’s CEO, Dr. Helen Torley stated that Argenx has so far enjoyed significant progress in efgartigimod’s development thanks to the ENHANZE platform which it was able to access thanks to their original agreement.

The CEO also highlighted the fact that Argenx was able to achieve a noteworthy milestone in about 14 months. The short timeframe demonstrates the efficiency that Argenx has so far enjoyed while leveraging Halozyme’s ENHANCE platform. Dr. Torley also noted that Argenx is working round the clock to launch SC efgartigimod as a treatment for myasthenia gravis patients. The treatment is expected to receive regulatory approval considering that it was backed by favorable ADAPT trial findings.