Aptorum Group Limited (NASDAQ:APM) Unveils Infectious Disease Liquid Biopsy Subsidiary to Co-develop RPIDD Tech

Aptorum Group Limited (NASDAQ:APM) has announced the launch of Aptorum Innovations to co-develop a proprietary molecular rapid pathogen identification and detection diagnostics (RPIDD) technology.

Aptorum to develop RPIDD tech

Aptorum Innovations is an infectious disease liquid biopsy diagnostics subsidiary of the company, and its in-licensing agreement with Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd. Accelerate is the commercialization division of the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR). The subsidiary plans to target the molecular diagnostic market globally that is expected to reach a $13.8 billion market size by 2025. Around 60% of the market is attributed to the infectious disease segment, which Aptorum Innovations will target with its novel RPIDD technology.

The next-generation RPIDD tech was commenced, and currently, it is being developed at A*STAR. The technology’s objective is quick and precise detection of current and emerging unknown pathogens that include RNA/DNA-based viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. This technology hopes to save costs through liquid biopsy, genome sequencing, as well as AI-driven software analytics. The main objective of developing RPIDD is to leverage current and emerging next-generation sequencing platforms to sequencing pathogenic genomes.

Aptorum to open more liquid biopsy diagnostic labs

Aptorum Innovations, a subsidiary of Aptorum Groups, is the main licensee and commercialization partner of the technology developed in collaboration with A*STAR. Following validation and optimization of the RPIDD tech, Aptorum Group is planning to open several RPIDD-driven infectious disease liquid biopsy labs in the next two years. They intend to have one flagship location opened in Singapore in partnership with local clinics and hospitals. Other areas targeted for the labs include the US, the EU, and the UK.

Aptorum chief medical officer Clark Cheng said that there has been significant disruption globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the focus now is antimicrobial resistance. In addition to the company recently joining the BEAM alliance2, Cheng said that they are planning to expand their infectious disease liquid biopsy diagnosis abilities in synergy with the current infectious disease platform that supports global antimicrobial stewardship policies.