NovaBay® Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:NBY) Expands Consumer Marketing Efforts For Avenova

NovaBay® Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN:NBY) has announced the expansion of Avenova® consumer marketing initiatives. The programs have designed to create more awareness for the company’s antimicrobial lid and lash spray and promote online sales.

Novabay engages PatnerCentric and HVM Communications to promote Avenova

The company has engaged HVM Communication to promote public relations like client-oriented lifestyle messaging and PartnerCentric Inc. for associate marketing programs. Justin Hall, the CEO of NovaBay, said that following the engagement with PartnerCentric a few weeks ago, the company has already started showing success in Avenova awareness through websites. They feature postings and banner advertising with considerable website traffic uptick. Hall said that the public relations efforts with HVM Communications led to the company being featured on NBC’s Today show.

Hall added that the cost-effective programs’ objective was to increase customer purchases for Avenova through online sales. The company sees more growth potential of building its antimicrobial lid and lash spray through online platforms. Most importantly, the programs leverage consumer outreach following the refreshed branding, lifestyle messaging, and exciting new packaging of Avenova and the recent independent lab results that showed the effectiveness of Avenova in killing coronavirus on surfaces.

Avenova is a face sanitizing spray

In the Today show, lifestyle expert Jenn Falik said that Avenova was among the better basics that consumers needed to know about this fall. Falik said that Avenova was a sanitizing spray that one can use on their entire face even though it was initially meant for eyecare. She explained that one can spray Avenova on their face throughout the day to kill germs, resulting in frequent, inadvertent touching of the nose, mouth, and eyes.

The affiliate marketing program of NovaBay with PartnerCentric links with associates like bloggers and consumer-oriented websites to promote Avenova with online content. Affiliates will earn a commission of 3% to 8% on online Avenova sales tracked via Most of the affiliates will offer rebates or coupons to customers for cashback or discounts on purchases.