Precision BioSciences (NASDAQ:DTIL) Enters Oncology Development Partnership With SpringWorks (NASDAQ:SWTX) And Expands Collaboration With Servier

Precision BioSciences (NASDAQ:DTIL) has announced that it has entered a clinical trial partnership agreement with SpringWorks Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:SWTX) to evaluate PBCAR269A in combination with nirogacestat in Refractory or relapsed multiple myeloma patients.

As per the agreement, the companies will evaluate PBCAR269A, which is Precision BioSciences’ investigational allogeneic chimeric antigen receptor T cell candidate that targets B-cell maturation antigen ion combination with SpringWorks’ nirogacestat in relapsed or refractor multiple myeloma patients. Nirogacestat is an investigational gamma-secretase inhibitor (GSI).

Nina Shah, the lead investigator and Associate professor at the University of California Department of medicine, said that based on clinical data, the use of nirogacestat in combination with therapies targeting VCMA is very important in helping patients need better therapies. Nina said that they are looking forward to data generated from the investigational study to ascertain if PBCAR269A and nirogacestat can yield enhanced clinical outcomes ion multiple myeloma patients.

Previously GSI has indicated that it can improve the action of BCMA-targeted therapies through cleavage prevention and shedding of BCMA form surfaces of myeloma cells. This thus enhances cell surface density of VCMA and also reduces levels of soluble BCMA.

Precision expands its oncology development collaboration with Servier

The company and Servier have also announced an expansion of the CAR T oncology development partnership with the addition of four new programs that target hematological and solid tumors. The company added two new hematological cancer targets besides CD19 and two solid tumor targets to the CAR T development and commercialization license agreement.

Matt Kane, the Co-founder, and CEO of Precision BioSciences, said that the addition of new targets will be building on a productive partnership between the company and Servier. Servier is driving the development of PBCAR0191, which is Precision’s lead allogeneic CAR T candidate that targets CD19. He added that they are delighted to expand the collaboration and apply their novel single-step cell engineering and allogeneic CAR T production and development strategies to extend the reach of CAR T therapies into solid tumors and hematological cancers.