Baudax Bio Inc. (NASDAQ:BXRX) Strikes a Group Purchasing Agreement with Premier Inc.

Baudax Bio Inc. (NASDAQ:BXRX) works with patients, health care providers, and payers the likes of ANJESO® (meloxicam) injection. The company’s focus is predominantly on optional treatments for patients in acute care settings. It has had the New Drug Application for its first commercial product, ANJESO®, approved by the FDA to manage moderate to severe pain.

The commitment from the pharmaceutical company has birthed it a Group Purchasing Agreement with Premier Inc. The healthcare improvement company brings together about 4,000 hospitals in the United States and 175,000 providers to transform the healthcare industry. It is also a big advocate of collaboratives, advisory services, and supply chain solutions.

The Approval and the Use of ANJESO (meloxicam) Injection

The NanoCrystal® platform was used to design ANJESO, a registered, long-acting, preferential COX-2 inhibitor that possesses analgesic. Its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities are believed to be associated with the inhibition of the cyclooxygenase type 2 pathway (COX-2).

Having enrolled more than 1400 patients in its New Drug Application (NDA) program, the approval of ANJESO was facilitated by several safety studies. There were two pivotal Phase III clinical efficacy trials, a placebo-controlled Phase III safety trial, and another four Phase II clinical efficacy trials. The results revealed its potential in overcoming multiple issues associated with the use of the common opioid therapeutics such as vomiting, nausea, depression, and constipation.

ANJESO-treated patients showed signs of lower opioid consumption. There were no adverse events reported, just meaningful analgesic effects from the relief of pain. However, it is not recommended to use ANJESO alone because of the delayed onset of analgesia. Hence, a combination with other non-NSAID analgesics is advisable.

ANJESO Would be an Important Part of a Multimodal Analgesia (MMA) Approach

Baudax Bio is working on both investigational candidates and mid-stage product candidates. On the other hand, through the newly activated agreement, Premier members will have access to special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for ANJESO.

Meanwhile, CEO of Baudax Bio, Gerri Henwood, writes, “Securing this agreement with Premier provides Baudax with access to industry-leading resources and customers that we believe will lead to an increased usage of ANJESO.”