BELLUS Health Inc (NASDAQ:BLU) Reports Topline Results From Phase 2 Clinical Study Of BLU-5937 In Patients With Chronic Cough: Net Finance Income At $912,000 In Q2 2020

BELLUS Health Inc (NASDAQ:BLU) posted topline results from the Phase 2 Relief Clinical Trial Of BLU-5937 in people suffering from RCC (refractory chronic cough). A pre-specified analysis of patients with high-frequency cough reported a significant reduction.

Patients administered with BLU-5937 showed excellent tolerability and safety. Taste disturbances in those patients are less than 10%. Bellus will present Phase 2 RELIEF clinical data at an upcoming respiratory conference.

Phase 2b Clinical Study of BLU-5937 in Q4 2020

Bellus will commence the Phase 2b Clinical trial of BLU-5937 in Q4 2020 in patients suffering from higher cough. After completing the Phase 2b trial design, it will discuss with the US FDA before commencing the study.

CEO of Bellus, Roberto Bellini, said BLU-5937 showed a reduction in patients with chronic cough. However, it caused a lower taste in patients suffering from higher cough counts. He further said the company is preparing to conduct a Phase 2b trial in patients with higher cough count by the end of this year after receiving feedback from the US FDA in Q4 2020.

Bellus’s net loss widened to $8.422 million in Q2 2020 from $5.909 million in Q2 2019. Its short term investments, cash equivalents, and cash by the end of Q2 2020 are $74 million. The company’s spending on R&D is $5.899 million in Q2 2020.

Bellus engages in developing innovative drugs to treat persons with chronic pruritus, chronic cough, and disorders associated with hypersensitization.

Hagens and Berman investigates securities fraud

Hagens and Berman are conducting an inquiry on possible securities fraud at Bellus. It asked the investors to submit their claims for losses. They also asked investors to come forward to assist in investigating the fraud.

According to a communiqué on July 6, 2020, Bellus said its drug BLU-5937 has not met the milestone in Phase 2 clinical study compared to placebo. The company misled the shareholders about its viability in treating patients with chronic cough. A partner of Hagens and Berman, Reed Kathrein, said it focuses on the losses suffered by investors.

The individuals who acquired Bellus shares and suffered huge losses can reach Hagen and Berman to know about their legal rights.