Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ARPO) Commences Phase 2 Clinical Study To Assess Razuprotafib Potential To Cure Ocular Hypertension In Patients

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ARPO) commenced the Phase 2 clinical trial of Razuprotafib to evaluate its potential to treat patients with Ocular Hypertension and Open-Angle Glaucoma. In this trial, the company administers ocular drops to the patients for 28 days.

Enrolls 194 patients

Aerpio enrolled 194 patients for the clinical study of Razuprotafib and screened 189 patients so far. More than 170 patients are either being dosed or in the washout stage in this Phase 2 trial. It expects to enroll all the patients for this study by October 2020, considering the current projections and will release topline data by the end of this year.

QLH selects Aerpio for collaborative study

QLH (Quantum Leap Healthcare) selected Aerpio in May 2020 for a collaborative I-SPY COVID study. In this clinical trial, Razuprotafib will be evaluated to cure adult patients with coronavirus in advanced stages. As part of the I-SPY COVID trial, the company will investigate four drugs to find suitable drug candidates to improve patients’ health condition suffering from critical coronavirus. The company will enroll patients with critical COVID-19 and receiving high flow oxygen (HFO) or already intubated for this clinical study.

Receives funding support of $5.1 million

Aerpio received funding of $5.1 million from Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) on August 4, 2020, to begin the second clinical study of Razuprotafib for assessing its potential to inhibit ARDS in patients with mild to severe coronavirus infections.

The clinical trial funded by MTEC is standalone and targeted to investigate early-stage patients suffering from moderate to severe coronavirus infections before initiating HFO or intubation. Aerpio will measure the drug’s effectiveness on the 28th day to know the ratio of patients with respiratory failure and alive. It will also evaluate the hospital’s stay duration after the seventh day, and death or baseline to 28th day.

Receives payment of $15 million

Aerpio received $15 million following the amendment to its license agreement from Gossamer Bio.

Aerpio realized revenues of $15 million in Q2 2020. Its operating expenses dropped by 4% to $5.7 million in Q2 2020. The company’s spending on R&D increased to $3.6 million (up 56.7%).

Aerpio engages in the development of compounds to cure diabetic complications and ocular diseases. It also explores development options for its humanized monoclonal antibody – ARP-1536 to treat diabetic macular edema and nephropathy.