B2Digital Inc. (OTCMKTS:BTDG) Drops Bomb in Front of Huge PPV Events Series

    The big story in the OTC marketplace right now is the rise of B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG). The developing narrative around this stock is rich with potential as it assumes its role as effectively the minor league default goto play for the revolution that is the “MMA”.

    Mixed martial arts is a big deal. Experts see billions. Most people recognize that something has changed – ie, there’s a new truly top-tier sport in the biggest media market in the world.

    The MMA is “the sport of fighting”, as Joe Rogan has told us numerous times. It’s the pure sport of single combat with no rules other than crotch and hair and teeth issues. Otherwise, you beat the other person with whatever means necessary. And, over thousands of years, human beings have dealt with this problem in one form or another and some cultural traditions have helped to define and refine the best possible systems and codes for this precise task.

    MMA is the accumulation of that wisdom.



    And the hardcore fans of the sport are as or more engaged than the fans of any other sport.

    That represents an edge for companies able to position and breakthrough with a credible niche in the ecosystem that forms a foundation for the sport. And B2Digital has earned that spot at this point, which is why the market is reacting with such a jolt over the past few weeks. The stock market is starting to discount what the next chapter will look like for human culture, and that means a ton of pent-up demand for live sporting events.

    Meanwhile, B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) just announced 1) that it is about to move through its biggest string of live major fighting events, 2) that the company has signed a deal with one of the top PPV SaaS platforms on the planet to cover that series of events, and 3) that it has devised a frankly ingenious process for marketing those events to double, triple, quadruple, or even quintuple its per-event market penetration (our emphasis).

    That forms a basis for excitement. And shares have clearly been reacting.


    The New Mechanism

    As noted above, B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG) just announced a rather ingenious method of expanding its reach.

    If you are the premier development league of the sport of MMA, you have fighters and hardcore fans. And growth is about taking full market share position as the dominant player just upstream from the UFC as well as being a force for the further growth in a very rapidly growing sport.

    Under such conditions, what’s the best step you can make? We think the company just did exactly that: make your most passionate tribe-members your sales team.

    That’s pretty much what happened this week when the company announced the launch of what it calls the “B2 Social Media Storefronts platform”, which is set to leverage B2Digital’s entire network to market pay-per-view tickets.

    According to the release, the platform contains an embedded affiliate marketing incentive to drive engagement from fighters, fans, and followers to use their own social media networks and web resources to sell tickets to B2 Events.

    “We have a massive and rapidly growing network built of extremely engaged ‘hardcore’ members of the MMA community, and we are now giving them the means and the incentive to drive potentially dramatic gains in our PPV ticket sales right in front of our biggest-ever string of live PPV MMA and Grappling events,” commented B2Digital’s Chairman & CEO, Greg P. Bell, one of the early pioneers and entrepreneurs at the intersection of entertainment and digital media, with over three decades of experience in the field.

    According to the company’s PR, the B2 Storefronts technology is simple and seamless for users.

    “Let’s say we have a fighter being featured in an event next week,” added Bell. “Let’s suppose he has 5,000 social media followers. He gains access through this platform to a unique digital storefront that can be linked into his social media, so his followers can just click and buy a ticket to watch him fight. Instantly. Conveniently. And, he is incentivized for his efforts. But it’s not just the fighters. We are equipping all of our followers and fans as well with the same capability. And no one is better at selling tickets to MMA fights than fighters and avid fans of the sport. Their passion is genuine. They make the best sales team.”

    There’s probably no arguing with that point. If you can enlist your most passionate supporters to be an active part of your marketing team, you win. Plain and simple.

    Especially if you’re part of perhaps the fastest-growing competition sport on the planet just as the pandemic obstacle may be near its end, and you hold a critical niche with no competition as the top stepping stone to the big league brand just in front of your biggest string of events after signing a major PPV deal with one of the best streaming services in the game.

    That’s the point right now for B2Digital Inc (OTCMKTS:BTDG).



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