Cellect Biotechnology Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ:APOP) Receives an Approval of a Pivotal Patent for Stem Cells Activation from the European Patent Office

Every successful medicinal activity requires mass production of quality stem cells. This is what avails regenerative medicine to the public the need occasioned the founding of Cellect Biotechnology Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ:APOP). In 2011. The company’s vision was to bring to reality regenerative treatments, which would accelerate the production of stem cell-based treatments.

Cellect has spent 15 years in research, thanks to its ApoGraft methodology, which is long-sought-after because it engages an inexpensive process. This is what has birthed seven families of patents. The company just received a pivotal patent for Stem Cells Activation from the European Patent Office. This patent, which will expire on October 7, 2034, is the most significant event for the company seeking to strengthen its Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio.

The Clinical and Economic Benefits of the Patent Are Multi-Fold

Over the past few years, the need to strengthen its IP has been a core component of the company’s business strategy. According to the CEO Dr. Shai Yarkoni, they wanted to tap into the clinical and economic benefits, which come with the patent. The primary benefit and, as the company has demonstrated previously, is the increased safety and efficacy of the cell product. This is enhanced by the development of a robust and user-friendly process.

“…While the extensive issued patents cover the accurate elimination (negative selection) of the mature cells and therefor enables SAFETY, this patent covers the increased ACTIVITY (positive selection=efficacy) of the regenerative capacity of the stem and progenitor cells…’’ Yarkoni explained.

Plans to Continue Expanding And Protecting Global IP

Cellect Biotechnology has 65 patents in nine patent families. Out of these, 45 of them have been allowed patent, 18 are waiting for examination while the remaining two are the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications. The Biotech aim is to expand and protect global IP. This will provide researchers and clinical community tools to isolate stem cells in quantity and quality rapidly. The final results will automatically be a wide variety of applications in regenerative medicine.

Meanwhile, the company has also been consulting and discussing widely with global leaders. Before long, it will be able to take control of innovation in the development of cell therapies.